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1/16/2008 12:57:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The latest Doctor Who Adventures, is out across the United Kingdom on Thursday 17 January; below is the press release for the issue.
Press Release

Doctor Who Adventures – now weekly!

Stand by for more adventures in time and space! From the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, readers can get a new monster-packed issue of the successful children’s magazine every Thursday!

In the first weekly issue, it’s battle stations as we take a look at the legendary Dalek and Cybermen fight from the end of the second series.

There are also ten ways for you to act just like the Doctor and a fact file about the brave Titanic waitress Astrid Peth.

News! Find out why there’s a police box in a future episode of EastEnders.
This week’s activity Move like a Cyberman and make a Cyber chest plate.
Quiz Which Doctor are you like?
Comic strip Part two of The Monster Upstairs – an alien has kidnapped Violet Hopley.
Secrets Meet the man behind the bangs in Doctor Who – Danny Hargreaves.
Doctor’s Data Are you brave enough to read about the Empty Child?
Time Agent Upload Is your letter or picture in this issue? Find out inside! Plus pictures of readers dressed as the Doctor and his friends.
Exclusive posters! A stunning Cyberman and Dalek poster, K-9, and the Doctor and Mr Copper.
Game Trouble on the Titanic – can you escape the Host and reach Deck 31?
Win – Cool prizes up for grabs
Puzzles! Look out for Host on toast and Max has got his tracks in a twist. And more from Bloodtide and Doomfinger with their Woven Wordsearch!

Doctor Who Adventures issue 47 comes with a Family of Blood notepad, pen, pencil, eraser and stickers. Miss it and miss out!