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Bookmark and Share BBC puts Who and Torchwood on MySpace

1/24/2008 12:46:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

BBC Worldwide has launched a video channel on MySpace TV which contains clips from new and classic Doctor Who, Doctor Who Confidential, Torchwood and Torchwood Declassified.

The clips can be embedded in webpages and blogs

A full catalog of the Doctor Who and Torchwood-related videos can be seen here.

The news of the BBC/MySpace deal is covered by many sources, including the Guardian, the Financial Times, theAssociated PressReuters,Business WeekTVWeek and news.com.au, all of which mention Doctor Who in their coverage of the deal. (The CBC illustrates the story with a still from the Peter Cushing Dalek films, which are not included on the MySpace page.)

This deal is similar to an arrangement the BBC has with YouTube; however, the BBC's YouTube channel is restricted to users from the United Kingdom. The BBC Worldwide YouTube channel, which is accessible worldwide, has clips from classic Doctor Who, Doctor Who Confidential and Torchwood Declassified, but no content from 21st century Doctor Who or Torchwood. Full episodes of classic Doctor Who are also available for rent on Vuze and, for US viewers, on Amazon Unbox, but these services are available only to users with Windows XP or Windows Vista (or TiVo, in the case of the Amazon content).