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11/08/2007 05:40:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

This week's edition of The Stage features an interview with current Doctor David Tennant, who claims to be the least sexy man on the planet.

In the interview Tennant talks about his forthcoming engagement with the RSC as Hamlet, his new role in the guise of a driving instructor for the BBC1 comedy-drama Learners and of course his current tenure as the Time lord.

Talking about Doctor Who he says:

"You could find yourself in the present or hundreds of years in the past – or five billion years in the future. And the standard of the writing and of the stories is extremely high. I might tweak the odd line here or there, but I'd never dream of pointing out to the writers, in that hackneyed phrase, that my character wouldn’t say this or do that. Russell [T Davies] is the best, so why play around with the best?"