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10/17/2007 12:57:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

October 17, 2007 • Posted By Chuck Foster
In an interview with Elisabeth Sladen conducted by LastBroadcastthis week, she was asked on whether a second series of Sarah Jane Adventures will appear.

The article also mentions an up-and-coming signing event with the actress for the release of the original audio adventures The Glittering Storm andThe Thirteenth Stone, which will take place at the Oxford Street Borders bookstore on Saturday 27th October (2-4pm).

(thanks to Andy Keast-Marriott)
Is there going to be a second series of The Sarah Jane adventures?
I know that they're writing it and planning it, yes, but as always with these things they've not had the green light yet, but it all looks very hopeful I think. They seem pleased with how it's done, it's such a clever format.