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8/24/2007 04:33:00 pm - Reported by Jeremy Bement

August 24, 2007 • Posted By Jeremy Bement
Mad Norwegian Press has issued an update regarding two of their upcoming books. About Time 6, by Tat Wood, will be released in December(with a slightly higher price than previous volumes due to an expanded page count) and information has now been released about the new second edition of Lance Parkin's AHistory.
AHistory Second Edition: Written by Lance Parkin, with additional material by Lars Pearson. The Second Edition of AHistory amends and vastly expands the work of the sold-out First Edition, continuing to incorporate the whole of Doctor Who into a single timeline.

Among other things, the Second Edition will cover: all Doctor Who TV episodes up through "Last of the Time Lords", the Series 3 finale; all Doctor Who novels from Virgin and the BBC, up through the New Series Adventure "Wooden Heart"; the Big Finish audio range up through "The Wishing Beast" (#97); all Torchwood Series 1 episodes and novels; the Sarah Jane Adventures pilot; and all Telos novellas.

In addition, the Second Edition will incorporate the Doctor Who Magazine comic strips that have been running since 1979.