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8/30/2007 04:53:00 pm - Reported by Jarrod Cooper

August 30, 2007 • Posted By Jarrod Cooper
The latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures is released today and includes a chance to win a life-size bronze Dalek!
Beware the Carrionites on the cover. Inside the magazine, you can read a bigger and better Tales from the TARDIS all about the Doctor defeating the hideous hags from the Deep Darkness.


News – our first picture of the Doctor and Donna.
Fact file – take a look at medical student turned time traveller, Miss Martha Jones.
Adventure guide / Doctor Who Confidential extra – things get hot for the Doctor and Martha in the episode 42.
Comic strip – the concluding part of Signs of Life.
Doctor’s Data – former TARDIS traveller, Sarah Jane Smith.
Scary mask – the Lazarus monster – perfect for games of hide and seek!
Who knows? – your Doctor Who questions answered.
Posters – three exclusive posters from 42, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
Win – goodies up for grabs.
Puzzles – loads of Time Teasers – and don’t miss out on Bloodtide and Doomfinger’s Woven word search!

Please note: Daleks that survived the Time War are NOT allowed to enter the Dalek competition, but humans everywhere are.