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6/13/2007 06:36:00 pm - Reported by Unknown

June 13, 2007 • Posted By Kenny Davidson
This week's Radio Times features a large double-sided panoramic poster offer. One side features the Doctor, Martha and Jack inside the Tardis, and the other side has a rogues' gallery of recent enemies, including the Angels, Dalek Sec and its mutant hybrid, Scarecrows and the Judoon. The poster measures 124 x 45cm, and is available with two tokens and a fee for postage. The first token is in this weeks issue, the second in next weeks.

Also in Radio Times this week, an interview with Torchwood star John Barrowman on returning to Doctor Who. Click on the spoiler tag to read an extract.
"It's not the Captain Jack from Torchwood. He's not angsty, he's not moody; he's determined, but in a different way. Captain Jack from Doctor Who is a little more light-hearted, because he’s back where he wants to be. Although he loves the Torchwood team, one of his main objectives over the past couple of years has been to find the Doctor, to figure out why Jack is the way he is. Now he's there, he can let the Doctor take the responsibility for everything and he can sit in the background a bit."