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6/23/2007 07:22:00 pm - Reported by Jarrod Cooper

June 23, 2007 • Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions have released more information on their upcoming releases for 2007. They have released teaser blurbs for Son of the Dragon,AbsolutionThe Mind's Eye, and The Girl Who Never Was.

Also released is the cover for Human Resources Part 2, the final release in the McGann BBC7 series.
Son of the Dragon (September)

I am Prince Vlad III - son of Vlad the Great, and sovereign and ruler of Ungro-Walachia and the duchies of Amlas and Fagaras.

But since my father's murder, I have had another name.

I am Dracula.

(Features the Fifth Doctor, Peri, and Erimem)

Absolution (October)

Confession. Penance. Absolution.

The Tardis breaks down in a forbidden sector of space. Ghostly voices cry out for salvation and only C'rizz, the Doctor's Eutermesan companion, can answer their call - for only he knows the secret of the Absolver. But will he use it to rescue his friends or save the universe?

The Doctor's sins are catching up with him and the infernal beast Borarus is hungry. Time is running out and Judgement Day is at hand.

Welcome to Hell.

(Features the Eighth Doctor, Charley and C'rizz)

The Mind's Eye (November)

This is a warning to all space farers. You must keep away from this planet. It’s hostile, repeat, hostile.

On a planet with no name, the Doctor finds himself confronted by a faulty memory and some killer plants.

In a distant galaxy, Erimem leads a troubled empire.

Back on Earth, Peri tells her son about the good old days when she used to travel with a man called The Doctor.

(Features the Fifth Doctor, Peri, and Erimem)

The Girl Who Never Was (December)

'Dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. Someone's listening. Somewhere.'

A ghost ship. A girl with no memory, adrift in time. An old enemy. This could be Charlotte Pollard's finest hour - or her last.

Set course for Singapore, 1931. Journey's end.

(Features the Eighth Doctor and Charley)