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5/17/2007 07:35:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

May 18, 2007 • Posted By John Bowman
Hot on the heels of the announcement that The Time Warrior and theKey To Time season will be out on DVD in the UK later this year comes the news that 2Entertain is planning to release the 1975 Tom Baker four-parter Planet of Evil.

The British Board of Film Classification yesterday cleared just over 60 minutes of extras for the DVD of Planet of Evil, although a release date is unknown.

The extras, which have a PG rating, include three features entitled Hidden HinchcliffeA Darker Side andPlanetary Performance - Acting In Doctor Who.

(Thanks to Tony Clark.)

Time Warrior And Key To Time Season On DVD
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May 18, 2007 • Posted By John Bowman
The Time Warrior and the Key To Time season are to be released on DVD in the UK by 2Entertain later this year, says the official programme website.

September 3 will see The Time Warrior available. This story launched Jon Pertwee's final season as the Third Doctor and saw the debuts of companion Sarah Jane Smith, as played by Elisabeth Sladen, and classic monsters the Sontarans.

According to the British Board of Film Classification site, the extras will include a 30-minute documentary entitledBeginning The End - Making The Time Warrior, as well as a trailer, two Easter eggs and a photo gallery.

Sixteen new CGI shots have also been created, spanning all four episodes.

A box set of the six-story Season 16, with Tom Baker as the Doctor andMary Tamm as assistant Romana, will apparently be out on September 23, although that date is a Sunday.

The Key To Time season has already been available on DVD in the USA and Canada for a number of years, although its UK release will include "the full extras it deserves", according to the BBC website.

Further details of those extras will be announced at a later date.

(With thanks to Scott Kinnaird.)
UK DVD Release Schedule

28 May 2007 - Robot - Tom Baker
25 June 2007 - Series 3, Volume 2
9 July 2007 - Timelash - Colin Baker
23 July 2007 - Series 3, Volume 3
6 August 2007 - Time Flight/Arc of Infinity - Peter Davison
3 September 2007 - The Time Warrior - Jon Pertwee
23 September 2007 - Key to Time - Tom Baker