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5/20/2007 07:30:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who was once again top of Saturday's ratings chart with episode 7, 42 being watched by 7.0 million viewers according to unofficial overnight figures. The programme had a share of36.0% of the audience.

The show was tied with Match of the day Live as the most watched programme of the day, although the raw figures show Doctor Who leading by a tiny margin. It beat other shows on Saturday evening by almost a million viewers. The football claimed the highest peak of the day, with 11.5 million tuning in for the final fifteen minutes.

With just Sunday to go, the programme is currently 14th in the top programmes for the week.

Doctor Who was once more top of the children's chart with an audience of1.4 million 4-15's, a 57.7% share of this age group.

On BBC3, Doctor Who Confidential got an audience of 480,000 which was a 3.0% share and which made it 4th in the Multi Channel tables.