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4/19/2007 02:31:00 am - Reported by Jarrod Cooper

April 19, 2007 • Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Doctor Who Magazine has released the third installment of their In Their Own Words series. This Special Edition covers 1977 to 1981 and features interviews with Tom BakerLouise JamesonGraham WilliamsJohn LeesonRobert HolmesMary TammDouglas AdamsLalla Ward,John Nathan TurnerChristopher H BidmeadMatthew Waterhouse and hundreds more - plus an Afterword by Shakespeare Code writer Gareth Roberts!
"I was the great children's hero. I was known all over the world. I didn't need credit cards, I was welcomed into everybody's house. The Doctor isn't just what I did in the studio, you see.

I had to carry the concept of this semi-perfect man into my own life so that, of there were children around, I wouldn't be seen as a disappointment! It was very, very exhausting at times, but rewarding as well. Being Doctor Who comes with this responsibility..."