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4/20/2007 02:30:00 am - Reported by DWNP Archive

April 20, 2007 • Posted By John Bowman
The Daleks are Doctor Who's scariest villains, according to a new survey.

An online poll of Doctor Who fans was commissioned by the BBC for theofficial programme website to mark the Daleks' return to the show tomorrow night in the UK.

More than 21,000 voted, and Nick Briggs, who voices the monsters, said: "I've been fortunate enough to provide the voices for a wide variety of Doctor Who villains over the years, but the Daleks seem to have stood the test of time as the scariest and most iconic space terrors that the Doctor has ever encountered."

Doctor Who lead writer and co-executive producer Russell T Davies said: "Every time the Daleks return we make them bigger and better than ever before, and this time, their plan is the most audacious Dalek scheme yet."

He added: "Even the Doctor finds himself out of his depth."

Second in the poll were the Empty Child Zombies from 2005, while the Beast from last year's two-parter The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit was third.

The top ten are detailed below.
1. The Daleks
2. The Empty Child Zombies
3. The Beast
4. The Cybermen
5. The Clockwork Droids
6. The Ood
7. The Empress of Racnoss
8. The Werewolf
9. The Autons/Nestenes
10. Chloe's Dad