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4/20/2007 02:30:00 am - Reported by R Alan Siler

April 20, 2007 • Posted By R. Alan Siler
The online edition of the News Shopper currently features an interview with Sixth Doctor Colin Baker about his upcoming appearance in the Alan Ayckbourn play Bedroom Farce at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.

Bedroom Farce is a comic assault on the middle-class, revolving around three couples and the conversations and encounters within their three bedrooms.

"Alan Ayckbourn is a genius. I've done four Ayckbourn plays and they have always been the best fun I've ever had. I've never been to an Ayckbourn I haven't enjoyed and never taken part in one the audience haven't enjoyed. It's the main ingredient for success I think, Alan Ayckbourn."

Colin talks about his long career (both acting and writing), his entry into the Eurovision Song Contest last year, and about his co-star in the play, Louise Jameson.

"Around 90 per cent of what I do (in Bedroom Farce) is with Louise Jameson, who I know terribly well. We've worked together two or three times before and we're great friends. We even have a show we do together called Love Letters. This means rehearsals will be fun. She's always ticking me off for misbehaving."