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4/13/2007 01:43:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Next Month sees a special issue of Battles In Time. This issue is set to be released on May 16th and includes many special features.
Following the phenomenal success of the Doctor Who Battles In Time TCG comes a brand new Collector’s Special featuring the two deadliest adversaries of the Doctor: Daleks vs Cybermen!

Complete with new, spectacular imagery from the TV series, Daleks vs Cybermen features 2 booster packs, each with 9 cards. Each pack contains 8 non-randomised foil common cards, plus a randomised 9th holo card from 4 design variants.

In the accompanying magazine, enjoy new gaming possibilities with the stunning gatefold game board, pitting Daleks against Cybermen for the ultimate Battle in Time. The special also comes with a FREE TARDIS Deck Tin, Gaming Dice and Card Bases – making Daleks vs Cybermen an essential collector’s item.

FREE with every Daleks vs Cybermen special:

2 packs of 9 cards. Each pack contains 8 non-randomised foil common cards (identical designs across all issues), plus a randomised 9th holo from 4 Dalek Sec variants and 4 Cyber Leader variants.
Stunning Collector’s TARDIS Deck Tin.
Exclusive gaming accessories – 8 bespoke Dalek and Cybermen Gaming Bases and 2 Gaming Dice.

In the magazine:

32 pages on Cybermen and Daleks – read the magazine one way for Daleks; flip and read the other way for Cybermen.
In the middle gaming board, choose to be Daleks or Cybermen and battle it out with your base-mounted cards for control of the Universe.
Learn about the history of the Doctor’s two main enemies and their past battles with the Time Lord.
Stunning battle scenes between the Daleks and Cybermen.