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3/31/2007 08:48:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

According to unofficial overnight figures, the special Doctor Who edition of The Weakest Linkwas the most watched non-soap programme on Friday.

5.7 million viewers saw stars from the series battle it out with Anne Robinson, a 25% share of the total TV audience.

This made the programme the 4th most watched of the day, behind the big three soap shows. It was the highest rating The Weakest Link has achieved this year, beating the previous high by nearly 2 million viewers.

The programme easily beat "A Touch of Frost" on ITV1

Over on BBC3, 430,000 tuned in at the start of the evening to watch Donna and The Doctor battle it out with the Empress, in a repeat of The Runaway bride. This made it the 8th most watched programme on Multi Channel Television for Friday.