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2/19/2007 05:13:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

February 19, 2007  •  Posted By Stephen Blake
Though a few weeks away from Series 3 of Doctor Who (and any possible Who-related listings-magazines covers), both this week's and next week's issues of the Radio Times sport front-page covers and corresponding articles of two of the show's stars, albeit for different roles.

The current issue of the listings-magazine (17 to 23 February) has a Catherine Tate cover - "Bovvered?" - and features a three-page interview with the former Doctor Who companion by Alexei Sayle (the DJ in Revelation of the Daleks). This is to coincide with tonight's premiere of the ITV1 drama The Bad Mother's Handbook, which stars Tate. There's nothing about Doctor Who in the article itself but the magazine's editor Gill Hudson makes a brief mention in her "Editor's letter".

Meanwhile, next week's Radio Times (24 February to 2 March, on sale now) features a (bearded) David Tennant cover - "TV's Most Wanted" - and article to coincide with his BBC1 drama Recovery, which co-stars the Empress of the Racnoss herself, Sarah Parish. This issue also has a short interview with Penelope Wilton and a "One Final Question" interview with Life on Mars star John Simm.

Previously, to coincide with Matthew Graham's second series of Life on Mars, the 10 to 16 February issue of the Radio Times had a double cover - "Life on Mars!" - featuring Simm and Philip Glenister. The top cover - in the current Radio Times style, showing the pair in character and including a sub-heading "Primeval: Is this ITV1’s answer to Doctor Who?" - opened up to a second cover with the same picture but styled as the Radio Times was in 1973!