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2/28/2007 04:58:00 pm - Reported by Kenny Davidson

February 28, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
The Australian Associated Press are reporting that Network Ten have purchased Torchwood and are also committed to series two of the spin-off.

Update March 5 2007: The Sydney Morning Herald today in its weekly TV guide reports on Channel Ten's "surprise move" to buy Torchwood (with a full-length photo of Captain Jack).

The SMH reports that "[m]any had assumed the ABC would land the show because of its link to the long-running Doctor Who franchise . . . Ten will launch Torchwood later this year. It remains unclear how Ten and the ABC will handle crossover storylines between the two shows."

The Age (March 8 2007) has also reported on the "keenly awaited" Torchwood being purchased by Channel Ten.