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1/17/2007 07:40:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

January 17, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
ITV broadcast the first part of their new series, Raiders of the Lost Archive, last night; presented by Paddy McGuinness, the show features clips for famous television personalities that were thought to be lost to the archives.

The programme has been made through searches through industry archives and private collections, and the show has also made an appeal for other shows to be returned, in a similar vein to the BBC's own Treasure Huntappeal. This new more general initiative has its own website to accompany the show, and includes a section for the 50 most wanted television shows - of which Doctor Who is listed (number 12 in the alphabetical list). Says the site: "Over 100 episodes of this ever popular series are missing or part missing – all from the black and white 60s era of the show. Doctor Who fans are particularly interested in recovering “The Tenth Planet” Episode 4 which was first broadcast on October 29, 1966. It was the final story of the first Doctor, William Hartnell’s era and the first story to feature the Cybermen. Patrick Troughton also makes his first, uncredited appearance as the Second Doctor. Many classic gems now survive only as soundtracks and photographs. Additionally, some Jon Pertwee 70s episodes made in colour only survive in b/w. Do you have “The Web of Fear” episodes 2-6 or “Fury from the Deep”?"

The next show will feature a very young David Tennant (above) in an early television appearance!