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12/31/2006 11:34:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Episode 11 of Torchwood, Combat achived a slightly lower value in the overnight ratings for Christmas week.

The BBC2 showing on 27th December achieved a figure of 1.90m, which was a 9.4% share. The Appreciation index for this showing was 81

On BBC3 the Boxing Day showing at 2230 was watched by 369,000 which was a 2.6% share. Later that night 96,000 or 4.3% of the audience watched the 0150 showing.

On Friday 256,000 watched at 2100 which was a share of 1.5% and 75,000 or 3% watched at 0130.

The programme had an extra repeat at 2235 on Saturday when it was watched by 176,000 or 1.3% of the audience.

The final two episodes will be shown on BBC Three on New Years Day