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12/20/2006 02:04:00 am - Reported by Unknown

December 20, 2006  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
SFX have added a spoiler-free review of The Runaway Bride to their website. "There's a bit of The 39 Steps in there and a heavy dumping of screwball comedy too," writes reviewer Steve O'Brien. "Never in two years of peacock Doctor Who and in 26 years of pawn shop Who have we seen anything as jaw-slackening as this sequence. Russell T Davies knows that for Doctor Who to compete on Christmas Day it has to run with its balls out to compete for people's attention in a pissed-up living room, in a way Saturday Who doesn;'t have to." The reviewer comments that Catherine Tate "really makes The Runaway Bride" and that Tennant is "as good as ever, and has even toned down some of the face-gurning and Over Emphasis Of Certain Words." The full review can be foundhere. (Thanks to Ian Berriman at SFX)