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12/27/2006 01:37:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

December 27, 2006  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
BBC Norfolk have a new video interview with Elisabeth Sladen, talking about the forthcoming The Sarah Jane Adventures special ("The Invasion of the Bane") to be seen on New Year's Day.

The interview briefly discusses how the new series came about in early January this year (she initially thought she was being approached for Torchwood!), that the series is set in the present day, but a little after "School Reunion" (her most recent appearance in Doctor Who), how she has a house that isn't quite what it seems, and that K9 will be in this special but it isn't certain about other episodes as he has another very important job to do [previously reported from her appearance onBreakfast, 8th December]. She also commented on how protective of the character she is, and pleased that there were still some surprises in store for her.

On the show itself, she believes the format is very inventive, and she has no idea what will appear in the series now that the special is rounded off. However, she is most proud of the show having the biggest explosion to date in any of the three Doctor Who shows!

The full video interview and further details are on the website.

Meanwhile, the Metro has also run an article on the show, with some additional comments from Elisabeth Sladen on the return of her character: "I thought, what can I bring to the character if she came back again? But they started telling me about this spin-off and it was just impressive what they had in mind. I thought, why am I questioning what they're doing? It's a challenge and I've just got to reach for it. How amazing."

The article also discusses the use of K9 in the series, with creator Bob Baker still pursuing a separate series using the character (K9 Adventures). On this, she adds: "I don't pretend to know what's going on behind the scenes, but if he's allowed us to use K-9 for this special then never say never."