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4/24/2006 02:38:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

April 24, 2006 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Tenth Planet have provided us with the full-color high-resolution cover image for the forthcoming UK DVD release of Inferno starring Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney and Caroline John. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

The DVD release is out 29 May in the UK. As we noted when the story was originally announced, the release will feature commentary by Courtney, John Levene, script editor Terrance Dicks and producer/director Barry Letts; "Can You Hear the Earth Scream?," a 35-minute "making of" documentary which includes interviews with Dicks, Letts, Levene, Courtney, Caroline John, Ian Fairbairn and stunt arranger Derek Ware; "The UNIT Family (Part One)", a 36-minute documentary featuring a look at the first half of the "UNIT family" from the Third Doctor's era with interviews with Letts, Courtney, Levene, Dicks, John, Ware and UNIT Creator Derrick Sherwin; "Visual Effects Promo Film," an excerpt from an early sales pitch from the BBC Visual Effects department featuring rare Doctor Who footage; "The Pertwee Years Intro," a short intro by Jon Pertwee originally included on BBC Video's "The Pertwee Years"; a Jon Pertwee radio announcement; a PDF of the 1971 Doctor Who Annual; Radio Times billings; plus photo gallery and production notes.