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1/24/2006 02:53:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 24, 2006 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
In addition to other recent merchandise release reports, another audiobook listed for May release,"The Dalek Conquests". The content of this CD release is currently unknown.

The folks at Sci-Fi Collector have gotten in three new items at their London shop and the shop at the official Cardiff Doctor Who Exhibition, a series of Doctor Who rucksacks with imprints on them. They include a red Dalek, a blue Dalek in the Geocomtex facility ("Dalek") and the TARDIS in the void. They also have an image of a Doctor Who duvet cover for a child's bed, also now available. All four are seen in images below; click on each for a larger version.

Character Options have issued a press release on their new Doctor Who 2006 product line, which includes 5-inch action figures, 12-inch figures, radio controlled toys, playsets and games and a Cybermen novelty range. "Five-inch Action figures: See the characters come to life with the new range of 5" action figures. The Doctor is dressed in his new signature outfit with long overcoat and Sonic Screwdriver accessory, while Rose Tyler is teamed with canine hero, K9. Evil intergalactic warlord, the Sycorax Warrior comes complete with two imposing weapons. The Cassandra action figure shows Lady Cassandra O'Brien, the last human, stretched out on her moving frame. Blue-skinned Moxx of Balhoon is featured on his travelling base while Slitheen stands tall with full joint articulation and extendable claws. Twelve-inch Action figures: The twelve-inch action figure range features the new, more deadly breed of Cybermen, as well as the Doctor himself, suited exactly as seen on the screen. Every detail in his pinstripe suit, plimsolls and overcoat has been incorporated into the figure to reflect, down to the very last pinstripe, the Doctor's classic look. Radio controlled toys: The new 5" radio controlled Dalek is set to be just as popular as the 12" debut model launched last year. Like its predecessor, it features 360-degree travel, flashing lights and utters the words: “Seek, locate, exterminate!" The 5" Doctor Who action figure appears again in a double pack that comprises radio controlled K9 with authentic speech and sound effects. On command, K9 can turn a full 360 degrees, his eyes light up and he also has a button-activated gun.Cyberman novelty range: The Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet is a must for anyone daring to deceive the Cybermen as they carry out their mission to convert humanity to their own deadly kind. It will change your voice into true Cyberman speak, leaving your real identity undetected. For added protection, the Cyberman Room Guard will help you ward off intruders attempting to trespass on forbidden territory. Playsets and games: The TARDIS Electronic Playset features authentic light and sound effects and its console is a faithful reproduction of the one seen on screen. Its motorised ‘time column' rises and falls (with lights) when the TARDIS is in ‘flight' and it has ‘lift out' access panels in the floor to reveal the mechanisms and circuitry hidden in the floor. The LCD Game has a smart stylised Dalek case front and comes with an LCD game display, authentic sounds and two levels of play that allows players to hunt out and fire at the Doctor's most feared adversary. The new additions join the existing Doctor Who toy range which includes the Talking TARDIS Money Box and Sonic Screwdriver. The TARDIS Money Box, a replica of the Doctor's Time Capsule, has an opening front door which reveals the Doctor, Rose and a money slot. As each coin is delivered, the Money Box plays phrases including, “Did I mention it travels in time?" A replica of one of the Doctor's most essential tool, the Sonic Screwdriver is an invisible writing pen featuring button activated lights and sounds."

The Argos catalogue shop has brought out its new full-color brochure with the Character Options toys. Also included is an exclusive set of Character Options figures; called the "Regeneration Set", it features a Christopher Eccleston 5" figure (as per the battle pack) plus a David Tennant figure with the 10th Doctor dressed in the 9th Doctor's leather jacket.

The page that has the Doctor Who items mentioned above, including the newest items, is reproduced below, right; click on it for a larger version.

(Thanks to Shaun Lyon Hearn, Ian Wheeler/DWAS, Steven Scott/ScifiCollector, Rod Ulm)