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7/31/2005 07:55:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 31, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Doctor Who again featured heavily on CBBC's "Blue Peter" (22nd July) as further promotion for the 'Design A Monster' competition. Along with an array of clips a Slitheen, Auton Bride and "Genesis" Dalek prop were in the studio. The team were also joined by series monster designer Neil Gorton who gave some tips to those entering the competition, with attention focussing on the Slitheen. In addition, as the show progressed, he gave presenter Liz Barker a 'monster makeover'. Promotion was also given to the Brighton "Doctor Who" exhibition which apparently runs to October and where "Blue Peter" badge winners can get in free!

Last weekend saw the "Blue Peter Prom" (subtitled "Out Of This World") at the Royal Albert Hall, London and this includes "plenty more Doctor Who...". The Prom included an arrangement of the "Doctor Who" theme by Christopher Austin and was also broadcast on Radio 3 last Monday afternoon.

The Very Best of Billie Piper is a new 15-track album coming out on 8 August from EMI Gold, featuring 15 of her songs including "Because We Want To".

The new Disney film "Sky High" features a scene where Kevin McDonald's super-brain character "Mr. Medulla" is seen reading a Doctor Who paperback novel.

(Thanks to Mike Humphreys, Cody Schell, Jamie Austin)