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7/21/2005 08:07:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 21, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Big Finish have put up a few new covers, including the forthcoming fourteenth "Doctor Who" hardcover fiction anthology, Short Trips 14: Solar System edited by Gary Russell, due out in September; The Coming of the Queen, a novel featuring the audio companion Erimem's origins by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett, due in August; and Project: Valhalla by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, a novel sequel to their "Doctor Who" audios "Project: Twilight" and "Project: Lazarus" due in September. Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions. Meanwhile, the story lineup for the fifteenth anthology book, Short Trips: The History of Christmas, edited by Simon Guerrier due in December, has been announced: "The Anchorite's Echo" by Scott Andrews; "Presence" by Peter Anghelides; "Set in Stone" by Charles Auchterlonie and John Isles; "Be Good for Goodness' Sake" by Samantha Baker; "Home Fires " by Jonathan Blum; "Face to Face" by Joff Brown; "The Thousand Years of Christmas" by Simon Bucher-Jones; "Saint Nicholas's Bones" by Xanna Eve Chown; "Ode to Joy" by Jonathan Clements; "The Gift" by Robert Dick; "The Revolutionaries" by John S. Drew; "Rome" by Shaun Lyon Flavin; "The Prodigal Sun" by Matthew Griffiths; "Christmas on the Moon" by Simon Guerrier; "Advent" by Peter Kempshall; "A Light in the Dark" by Joseph Lidster; "Nobody's Gift" by Kate Orman; "The Innocents" by Marc Platt; "The Long Midwinter" by Philip Purser-Hallard; "Not in My Back Yard" by Eddie Robson; "Callahuanca" by Richard Salter; "The Feast" by Stewart Sheargold; "The Church of Saint Sebastian" by Robert Smith; "The Lampblack Wars" by Matthew Sweet; and "Faithless" by Ben Woodhams. Big Finish have also announced Short Trips: Farewellsedited by Jacqueline Rayner for March 2006, Short Trips: The Centenarian edited by Ian Farrington due in September 2006, and two other volumes in June and December of next year.