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4/25/2005 06:17:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

April 25, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
A few items of note for forthcoming material from Big Finish. Chapter four of the UNIT audio series will be released at the end of this month; "The Wasting" features the return of Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, and David Tennant-- soon to play the tenth Doctor on BBC television -- reprising his role of Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood from the Unbound audio "Sympathy for the Devil". "The Wasting" is also directed by Nicola Bryant (who plays Peri). Big Finish has also released details of its three "new worlds" spinoff books:Wildthyme on Top, the anthology featuring the character of bus-driving Time Lady Iris Wildthyme (played on audio by Katy Manning); The Coming of the Queen, a novel about the early life of Erimem, the current traveling companion of the Fifth Doctor and Peri played on audio by Caroline Morris; andProject: Valhalla, a sequel novel to the audios "Project: Twilight" and "Project: Lazarus" about the mysterious Forge. Details on all three are listed below. There's also some more concrete information about this year's Bernice Summerfield series release dates: the five audios this year will be released in May ("The Heart's Desire"), July ("The Kingdom of the Blind"), September ("The Lost Museum"), October ("The Crystal of Cantus") and December ("The Goddess Quandary").

WILDTHYME ON TOP, edited by Paul Magrs

Iris is an enigma... She's an enigma wrapped in a mystery. With a shapeless, tasteless hat clamped to her head. She's an enigma wrapped in a mystery, with a shapeless, tasteless hat clamped her head and she's puffing on a gold-tipped black Sobranie.

And she drives a big red double-decker bus, ostensibly bound for Putney Common. Except it's not. She's been to Putney Common precisely once and that was by accident. That was when she picked up Tom, who is now her best friend.

Together they journey through the multiverse: boozing and fighting; righting wrongs and buggering things up again. Here, in their first exciting anthology of ludicrous adventures they meet monsters, klllers, ambassadors, insect-things, detectives, weirdos, psychics, fiends and sundry perverts.

Includes "Most Horrid" by Justin Richards, "The Sleuth Slayers" by Jake Elliot, "Minions of the Moon" by Philip Purser-Hallard, "Beguine" by Stephen Cole, "Blame Iris" by Stewart Sheargold, "Came to Believe" by Craig Hinton, "Roubh Magic" by Kate Orman, "The Mancunian Candidate" by Lance Parkin, "Iris and Irregularity" by Jacqueline Rayner, "The Evil Little Mother and the Tragic Old Bat" by Jonathan Blum, and a preface by Paul Magrs.
THE COMING OF THE QUEEN, by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett

An extraordinary discovery in the Valley of the Kings leaves historians bemused and asking the questionà

àWho was Erimem?

The only daughter of the great Pharaoh Amenhotep II, Princess Erimemushinteperem has lived a comfortable, privileged life safe in Pharaoh's luxurious palace in Thebes, surrounded by servants, slaves and friends. But her sixteenth year will bring Erimem and her brothers into contact with war, death, treachery, assassins and tragedy, and will lead her to a destiny she had never imaginedà or wanted.
PROJECT: VALHALLA, by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

++Transmission Begins++

From: Deputy Director, Forge Alpha Facility
F.A.O: Director, Department C4, Whitehall
Re: Project: Valhalla

Rogue xenotech crash-site located in Iceland, Northern Europe.

Suspected negative environment effect. Local communications network down. Total satellite whiteout.

Senior Field Agent Nimrod dispatched with full extraction team for assessment and harvest. Primary reports indicate total disappearance of local Sßmi community. Possible zombie infestation. Crash-site protected by forcefield.

No further communication.

Current status of extraction team: unknown.

Nature of xenotech: unknown.

Threat level: unknown.

++Transmission Ends++