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3/25/2005 03:43:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Christopher Eccleston appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross this evening, and below are some stills from the show as well as from the rather lengthy spoiler-iffic trailer they showed! Says our correspondent Mike Morris:
Christopher Eccleston appeared tonight (March 25th) as a guest of Jonathan Ross; a well known chat show host in the UK and probably elsewhere, who is also well known for having difficulting pronouncing his R's. After the initial chat about Christopher's memories of the original series, his costume, and about playing the Doctor with a Northern English, Manchester accent. A montage clip of the new and not so new monsters was shown. I can report with pride, that the effects are stunning and the monsters far scarier than in the original series. Also this time (if you don't know already) the action is mainly on film rather than studio based, which gives it a more realistic edgy effect. After the montage clip, it was also revealed for the first time that a new range of merchandise will be hitting UK shops this Christmas. A prototype doll in the image of Christopher Ecclestone's 9th Doctor and a replica of the updated Sonic Screwdriver, which Christopher said 'seemed better than the real thing'. (When one presses a button, a blue light flashes and pressing another button makes the light retract into the handle of the Sonic Screwdriver). Christopher also reveals that the script in Episode one makes reference to his large Ears! He explained to Jonathan and the audience, 'its that moment when each of the Doctors after a regeneration sees themselves or himself for the first time and comments on his appearance'.
(Thanks to Mike Morris for the writeup and Gavin Worby, John Molyneux for the screen captures)