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11/23/2004 07:15:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 23, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
An interview with Russell T Davies in today's Times discusses Davies' new series "Mine all Mine" as well as the new Doctor Who series. "A lot of the time the actual writing process is as miserable as f***," Davies tells the Times. "Absolutely, this thing will follow me for the rest of my life. But the marvellous thing about writing Dr Who is that I know when I die there are magazines that will report my death." As the article states, for the series to "look nostalgic or self-referential, he decided, would be fatal," and notes that the new Doctor, Christopher eccleston, "will not, he discloses (and probably shouldnÆt) be regenerated from his predecessor Paul McCann [sic] ... That would puzzle the children and hold back the story's momentum." "I keep telling everyone it's early Saturday," Davies confides. "We're going to be up against Ant and Dec. You can't be boring. You can't sit still with it. It's got to be emotional and it's got to be fun at the same time..." He believes the series will be "telling good stories" and that it's "very funny in places. In episode two they go to space for the first time and meet loads of aliens and it's so funny. There is a plot underneath it all and their lives end up in danger, but, my God, it's funny." Davies waxes on his favorite Doctor (Tom Baker) and discounts media rumors that there's anything between the new series' co-stars. There's also a spoiler in the mix regarding the Dalek episode, which is shrouded in the spoiler tag below. (Thanks to Steve Tribe, Paul Hayes)
Russell T Davies in the Times:

"We move from his austere dining room to his video-festooned sitting room where (and this he definitely shouldnÆt be doing) he shows some early rushes. A golden Dalek, held in chains, harangues the doctor. Eccleston, dressed in a leather jacket, harangues him back. It could be Ralph Fiennes playing one of HamletÆs madder scenes. This is not the series I remember."