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11/29/2004 01:20:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 29, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has several pieces of news for upcoming Big Finish projects from this past weekend's ChicagoTARDIS convention. Two forthcoming Big Finish audios now have known writers attached to them: next June's Seventh Doctor audio Unregenerate! is by David A. McIntee ("Excelis Rising"), while July 2005's Eighth Doctor audio Terror Firma is by Joseph Lidster ("Master"). The previously announced Dead Man's Hand by John Ostrander has been delayed due to the author's current work schedule but will hopefully be added on at a later date; meanwhile, Big Finish did confirm that there will still be two audios featuring the new companion Hex (Philip Olivier) in 2005. Additionally, Big Finish will be releasing their series side by side throughout 2005: the UNIT miniseries runs this December through March; the secondGallifrey audio series runs April through August; and the previously rumored Cybermen four-part miniseries will start in August 2005 and run through November. Finally, when asked if there would be any possible return of the characters and situations from the Dalek Empire series, possibly even in their regular Doctor Who series, there were indications that the ideas had been discussed but no announcement was made as of yet. More details soon.