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9/22/2004 01:39:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

September 22, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Tenth Planet, in cooperation with Covert Productions, will release Daphne Ashbrook in the UK, a DVD release covering the actress' recent trip to the UK, including her signings and the "Evening with Daphne Ashbrook" event. This was the first time Ashbrook -- best known to Doctor Who fans as Dr. Grace Holloway, Paul McGann's co-star in the 1996 Doctor Who film -- had made Doctor Who related appearances in England. The DVD will be released in November; meanwhile, below is the press release and cover (click for a larger version). (Thanks to Tenth Planet)

When DOCTOR WHO returned in 1996 for a big budget TV Movie, actress DAPHNE ASHBROOK faced the challenge of reinterpreting the classic companion figure for a modern audience. As the quirky Grace Holloway, Daphne brought life to a memorable character and a controversial love interest for PAUL McGANN as the eighth Doctor.

In Summer 2004, Daphne crossed the Atlantic to make her first ever DOCTOR WHO personal appearances in the United Kingdom. This special documentary follows DaphneÆs entire visit, looking back at the world of DOCTOR WHO, and sharing her unique perspective on the show, past and present.

As well as following her public appearances, in a newly shot interview, Daphne offers an in-depth discussion of the making of the TV Movie, the character of Grace and that infamous kiss. Plus we go behind the scenes of DaphneÆs return to DOCTOR WHO in the Big Finish audio adventure THE NEXT LIFE. Along with insights from writers ALAN BARNES and GARY RUSSELL, the Doctor himself, PAUL McGANN, joins Daphne for an exclusive on-camera reunion.

Special Features: An Evening with Daphne Ashbrook: A 25 minute stage talk moderated by Gary Russell ò Photo Montage ò Biography
Feature Running Time: 50 Minutes Approx. DVD Extras Running Time: 30 Minutes Approx.