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7/22/2004 09:01:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 22, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
A couple of set reports from both Wednesday evening and today (Thursday) have crossed my desk; they're encased in the spoiler tags below. Interestingly enough there are several reports of a Dalek sighting... but as we've learned, this is more of the "campaign" launched by the Sun newspaper and not part of the production. (Thanks to Antony Wainer, Gregory Jones, Anna Roberts and "Andy")
From Thursday

Filming took place in the city centre again tonight. They were filming scenes in front of the entrance of Queen's Arcade (used as a location on Tuesday night). It was dressed similarly, with the same vehicles around, but this time the location seemed to be dirtied down with many bin bags and other rubbish scattered around. The scenes filmed included a group of extras running away from Autons. There was then a period when they seemed to be fimling closer shots of two Autons in wedding dresses plus other shots around the exterior of the police station (Exhibition pub). This was in the distance so it was hard to make out any details, but at one point there seemed to be a group of Autons surrounding a black London cab. Various small fires were then lit around the area, and a scene of the Autons dying was filmed. This was followed by a scene of a group of dazed extras starrgering though the carnage. During this scene, there may have been stand ins for Billie and Chris, as two extras of similar build and dressed in similar clothes to the costumes we've seen were fairly seperate to the main group of extras.
Anna Roberts

From Wednesday

Arrived on St Mary Street at 5pm and already production staff were busy. Howells department store was changed to 'Henriks' and there was a 'Henriks' Sale sign put up. The windows were being changed. The Police Station set had been up all day, Classic Bride had been taken down. Walked through Queens Arcade and a false window was being put up over a shop doorway. Went back to Howells after late Lunch (Cheese Burger in Toad (Police Station)!) to see Billie Piper! Wow! There were two London Buses, lots of extras and a bus sign. Billie recorded a scene getting off the bus and running into Henriks. Suddenly the Sun pushed a Gold Dalek to the location and was immediately stopped. They took lots of photos of the Dalek on the set. The crowd loved it. Billie ran onto the bus and hid! The Dalek was escorted off. Said hello to Billie who said 'Hiya'. She's lovely. Back to Queens Arcade for 10pm and saw an Auton chase some shoppers. He was wearing a grey suit. Very scary. Talked to the guys who had the Auton hands (four in total, I think).There were some explosions and the crew clapped. Back to St Mary's Street for a window to explode, but the crew stopped for break. Dont know what happened after 11.30pm as Id left. Great day!
Gregory Jones (courtesy Antony Wainer/DWAS)

Drove past the back end of CRI tonight around 6:30 after dropping a mate off in Orbit Street and saw two blokes and half a dalek lurking around the back entrance where all the vans and lorries had been parked over the weekend. My first thought was, "They've been lying to us all along!" but then I realised it was probably some fans just mucking about, at least that's what I hope... For the record the dalek was a normal one as we all remember it, but yellowy / gold with black bumps and it didn't have a top half. Unfortunately I didn't stop for reasons which now escape me, but I can't help wondering who it was.
Andy (aka Sparky)
Another batch courtesy Roger Anderson of the Cuttings Archive; we've selected a handful of the best, but there are a few more on Roger's website that you can check out. Below are photos from Wednesday night / Thursday morning shooting including: photos of the TARDIS base and construction and a hazy one of the "police box" sign; a long shot of Billie Piper actually filming, running across the street; some of the production team; the filming camera; the Queen's Arcade storefront; the "Henrik's" store front; and some, er, props used by the signature aliens in the footage being shot. Enjoy! (Thanks to Roger Anderson)