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7/27/2004 08:55:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 27, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The latest issue of TV Zone Magazine is out and features interviews with Russell T. Davies and designer Bryan Hitch. In his interview, Davies comments on the glut of rumors surrounding the new show. "I did see that one rumour in the Guardian about Cabinet members who became alien when they lied, or something," he notes, "which was hardly credible, since the disguise wouldn't last long! It does seem some rumours get so strong that the production team is asked to make an official statement, which I'm absolutely refusing to do. Comment on nonsense, and you give that nonsense an official status. No chance!" He also waxes on plans for historical adventures ("No, none at all. Which doesn't rule it out for the future, if the right idea came along"), regeneration ("I think it would be lovely if fan fiction, or the other versions of Doctor Who - print, audio or whatever - came up with that") and scheduling ("This was never conceived as a 9.00 show. Not in 1963, and certainly not now..."). He also discusses the influence of Buffy on the new series, and specifically the character of Rose: "She hasn't got superpowers or a secret destiny. At least not yet. I just used Buffy as an example of a well-written modern leading female role." Davies also noted the choice of writers for this first season: "We considered lots of people, some Who writers, some not... every single writer is a fine writer in his own right; that's the only thing that matters! Bear in mind that a lot of people had to approve of these names, all sorts of Heads of Drama - and the existence of a Virgin novel or whatever wouldn't mean that much to them! ... just you wait 'til you see their work!" Hitch, meanwhile, discusses the influences on his design work ("Everything from blown glass to high architecture has given us ideas...") and discusses budget restrictions: "We have all been allowed to think about how it should look. How we want it to be and then working out a way to do it within budget rather than letting the budget dictate the look... we are getting pretty close to what we want." The new issue of TV Zone is now on sale. (Thanks to Steve Tribe)