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12/14/2003 08:23:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

December 14, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has received the working cover blurb for the forthcoming April 2003 BBC Books novel Halflife by Mark Michalowski, as follows. Please note that this may change before it goes to print.

Halflife, by Mark Michalowski

æTo lose one set of memories may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two smacks of carelessness.Æ

The Terran colony world of Espero seems the unlikely source of a sophisticated distress call. And the Doctor, Fitz and Trix are not the only ones responding to it.

While Fitz consorts with royalty, the DoctorÆs on the run with a sixteen year old girl, and Trix meets a small boy with a dark secret.

In a race for the minds and souls of an entire planet, the Doctor and Trix are offered temptations that may change them forever.

And at least one of them will be unable to resist.