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11/11/2003 03:22:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Manchester University Press will be publishing Terry Nation, a book about the life of the creator of the Daleks, "Blake's 7" and other icons, written by Jonathan Bignell and Andrew O'Day, in late spring 2004. Says the press info: "Terry Nation was a prolific writer for television, specialising in science fiction adventure. This book charts his television career, focusing on Dalek and other stories for 'Doctor Who', the post-apocalyptic drama 'Survivors', and the space adventure 'Blake's 7'. As well as analysing programmes in detail, the book discusses Nation's collaborations with the producers, script-editors and directors who brought his work to the screen. Illustrations feature rarely-seen stills from key episodes." To be placed on Manchester's mailing list for further info, send email here. (Thanks to Andrew O'Day)