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11/05/2003 01:22:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 5, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Colin Baker appeared on Midlands Today on local BBC Television in the UK on October 29 to promote his role in this autumn's HMS Pinafore. "Fantastic - the backs of sofas, which haven't been visited by children much in the last 15 years, are going to be busy," Colin said. "We're moving ours away from the wall in readiness. A whole new generation have their own Doctor about to happen." When questioned on who should be the new Doctor, Colin said that, although all the previous Doctors had been men, he thought it feasible that part of the Doctor would be in touch with his feminine side -- and he suggested comedy actress Dawn French (of "The Vicar of Dibley", "French and Saunders") would be a good choice. "She'd be a fab Doctor. Her endearing naughtiness would fill those shoes rather well.... I've got a horrible feeling they'll play safe, and get one of the names that you've mentioned." Baker also pointed out that his character had been "promoted beyond his own incompetence" and had a quick dig at the BBC by saying he believed that some people there were very similar! (Thanks to Scott Hughes, Nick Headley)