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7/18/2003 01:11:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 18, 2003 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Sunday, July 13 saw the debut in Brisbane, Australia by Katy Manning (Jo Grant) in her new one-woman show ôMe and Jezebel,ö performed for the very first time. It was a one-off, in front of a ôtest audienceö which had "filled the Stage-Door Theatre at Bowen Hills to overflowing." "Me and Jezebel" was originally written by Elizabeth Fuller, then re-written as a solo performance by Manning and partner Barry Crocker, and concerns the "true story of how Bette Davis met one of her biggest fans, and invited herself to stay with the fan (in her home) for one or two days. A month later, she was still there!" Crocker directs Manning in the production. Fans can listen to an interview with Manning and Crocker at the ABC website atwww.abc.net.au/brisbane/stories/s901799.htm. (Thanks to Peter Levan)