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7/23/2003 01:08:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 23, 2003 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
The final Doctor Who novella from Telos Publishing has been announced by the new issue of Doctor Who MagazineThe Dalek Factor by award-winning horror and dark fantasy author Simon Clark is due in February 2004, and it features the Daleks as you've never seen them before. "We wanted to end Telos' range of DOCTOR WHO Novellas with a real bang," said Telos' David J Howe, "and what better way than to feature one of the most iconic images from the twentieth century. The last time the Daleks were featured in print was back in 1998, and after five years away, we felt it was about time they were brought back into the spotlight." Simon Clark, described by SFX magazine as "one of the most exciting British horror writers around", is the author of numerous horror novels, including THE FALL, DARKER and BLOOD CRAZY. His short story 'Goblin City Lights' won the British Fantasy Award, as did his novel, NIGHT OF THE TRIFFIDS, which continued where John Wyndham's original novel left off. His new novel, VAMPYRRHIC RITES, is released in July by Hodder and Stoughton in the UK. "I grew up watching DOCTOR WHO," says Clark. "I never missed DOCTOR WHO. Not even on my wedding day. DOCTOR WHO fuelled my imagination and my appetite for the fantastic as a child. To get the opportunity to work on a DOCTOR WHO story is a dream come true. The Telos range of books are just beautiful. I'm proud to be part of that stable." Being able to work with the Daleks is also a large part of the appeal. "Like total eclipses, the chance to write a Dalek story only happens once in a blue moon. There was no way I could turn down something like that. But, darn it, I knew if I was going to tackle THE DALEK FACTOR, it would be my mission to make the Daleks frightening again. I want them to be menacing. I want them to be the essence of evil. No more 'stairs' jokes. I'm determined to write a dark, disturbing story where even to catch a glimpse of a Dalek makes the palms sweat, and triggers waves of revulsion and fear. Think back to the time when you were last frightened by a DOCTOR WHO episode. My personal quest in writing this novella is to pull that fear trigger again. THE DALEK FACTOR is going to be a journey into the heart of darkness. Not everyone on that journey's going to come back in one piece." For more details on Telos novellas visit www.telos.co.uk. (Thanks to David Howe and DWM)