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6/15/2003 02:44:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

June 15, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Big Finish has announced that, contrary to its earlier report, they will allow fans to choose which of the two covers for Project: Lazarus they wish to receive, either the Sylvester McCoy or Colin Baker cover. (For both covers, visit the releases page here at OG.) "When ordering the play on-line, please specify if you would like the Sixth Doctor cover or the Seventh Doctor cover in the Special Instructions / Requests box on the ordering page. If you have already pre-ordered the play or have a subscription and would now like to choose which cover you would like, please e-mail Big Finish at bigfinish@easynet.co.uk with your choice no later than Thursday 19th June." Meanwhile, hot on the heels of the cover for Short Trips 4: The Muses, which we published a few days ago, confirmation has been received for the publication of Short Trips 5: Steel Skies, edited by John Binns, which is due out in hardcover in December. Stories in the fifth Doctor Who anthology volume include "Bruklose" by Peter Anghelides, "Oh, Darkness" by John Binns, "Eternity" by Jonathan Blum, "Reversal of Fortune" by Graeme Burk, "House" by Jeremy Daw, an untitled story by Matthew Griffiths, "A New Life" by Simon Guerrier, "The Slaves of Zondar" by Matt Jones, "Monster Season - A Poem" by William Keith, "Dust" by Paul Leonard, "Cold War" by Rebecca Levene, "In a Nutshell" by Lance Parkin, "The Ruins of Heaven" by Marc Platt, "Deep Stretch" by Richard Salter, "Inmate 280" by Cavan Scott, an untitled story by Huw Wilkins, and "Light at the End of the Tunnel" by Mark Wright. Finally, BF's The Bellotron Incident, the next audio featuring Bernice Summerfield (the former Doctor Who books companion), has been released; the story by Mike Tucker features Rutans from "Horror of Fang Rock". (Thanks to Big Finish)