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3/17/2003 07:08:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Issue #67 of Time Space Visualizer, the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club's journal, has been published, "and is another 100 page A5 issue packed from cover to cover with pure Doctor Who content. Graham Howard (the discoverer of the New Zealand censor clips) looks at which other episodes got the chop from the NZ censor; Robert Shearman begins his episode-by-episode appraisal from Logopolis onwards; Adam McGechan interviews Sue Cowley and Michael Stevens about their script work on the BBC Audio Collection; Andrew Pixley looks at missing sequences from The Ice Warriors and Peter Adamson looks at New Zealand fanzines produced over the past twenty years. All this and reviews, artwork, cartoons, letters, news and more." TSV is a terrific publication, very muchrecommended by Outpost Gallifrey. For more details, visit the NZDWFC website at www.doctorwho.org.nz. (Thanks to Paul Scoones)