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3/30/2003 11:03:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

The British satellite channel UKGold is having two Doctor Who marathon days in May, on May 5 and 26, showing every complete Dalek story. Monday May 5's list is The Daleks (7:20am), The Dalek Invasion of Earth (10:45am), The Day of the Daleks (1:35pm), Planet of the Daleks (3:25pm) and Death to the Daleks (6:05pm). Monday May 26's schedule is Genesis of the Daleks (9:50am), Destiny of the Daleks (12:35pm), Resurrection of the Daleks (2:30pm), Revelation of the Daleks (4:20pm) and Remebrance of the Daleks (6:10pm). These are being broadcast from the standard masters (i.e. no remastering has been done). (Thanks to BBCi, Phillip Madeley)