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3/26/2003 07:04:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

The new BBC Worldwide catalog lists a forthcoming Doctor Who hardback book due out this November (as yet untitled) by Justin Richards. Says the press info: "An extra-large format, lavishly illustrated book, encapsulating forty years of tea-time travel. This epic publication takes the reader on a journey through four decades of television history, covering every one of the television stories. Each entry includes a summary of events, new facts about the Doctors and other key players, and new behind-the-scenes information. Beautifully illustrated with a vast collection of previously unpublished pictures from archives and private collections, this is the book to end all books - an absolute must-have for any DOCTOR WHO fan. There is something for everyone in this spectacular book. Die-hard fans will find the overview of the series that they always wanted and the general public will appreciate the stylish presentation of the how and why of WHO." The book is due November 20 and is 368 pages, with 500 photos, and is priced at £40.00.