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2/04/2003 07:22:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Big Finish has announced plans for Doctor Who Unbound, a brand new series of CD's "that are thematically linked by the question 'What if...?'," according to their website. "In each play the Doctor will be portrayed by an actor completely new to the role. The team of six writers have been presented with a blank canvas and invited to write a story that will diverge dramatically from Doctor Who as we know it. This divergence may manifest itself as an intriguing twist on established Doctor Who continuity or as a stylistic change in the mood of the story or even in the way that it is told." The first CD will be released in May, entitled Auld Mortality by author Marc Platt ("Loups-Garoux"), posing the question "What if the Doctor and Susan never left Gallifrey?" "Marc has written a slightly surreal, melancholic tale of what might have been that draws on some of the concepts and characters that were present in his novel Lungbarrow." Actress Carole Ann Ford reprises her role as Susan, while Geoffrey Bayldon (Organon in "Creature from the Pit") plays the Doctor in the story. Additional stories are Full Fathom Five by David Bishop (June), Sympathy for the Devil by Jonathan Clements (July), Exile by Nicholas Briggs (August), He Jests at Scars by Gary Russell (September) and Deadline by Rob Shearman (October). According to a report in issue 327 of Doctor Who Magazine, one of the stories will feature a female Doctor! The mini-series is produced by John Ainsworth and Jason Haigh-Ellery, and script-edited by Nicholas Briggs. More details as they come in...