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1/31/2003 07:25:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

BBC Worldwide's Tradelink (the release service the BBC uses to issue information to vendors) has finally posted some news about the forthcoming release of The Talons of Weng-Chiang on DVD, with a stated release date of April 28. The information from BBC Worldwide is as follows (with thanks to Chuck Foster of the DWAS):

The inimitable Doctor Who and his assistant Leela are confronted by sinister and seemingly inexplicable occurrences in this gripping thriller set in the shadowy depths of nineteenth century London.
        With the help of Professor Litefoot, the Doctor investigates the gruesome murder of a cabbie and the mysterious disappearances of young girls. Whilst being chased by giant rats and forced to pit his wits against an evil doll and a merciless illusionist, he comes face to face with his most deadly enemy to date: Magnus Greel - a fifty-first century war criminal posing as Weng Chiang, an ancient Chinese god.
        Can the Doctor thwart his dastardly plans before Leela becomes his next victim….

Two-disc set which includes the following special features: CommentaryWhose Doctor Who, a 1977 documentary from BBC2's 'The Lively Arts' strand, looking back at the history of the programme and its psychological impact on the viewers, particularly children, introduced by Melvyn Bragg; Blue Peter TheatreBehind the ScenesPhilip Hinchcliffe Interview; plus trails and continuity, 1 Easter Egg, photo gallery and production subtitles.