Monday, 6 January 2003

levine collection for sale

Doctor Who fan & collector Ian Levine is currently making available several unique Doctor Who props and items, including: a Cyber Controller head (one of two made for the serial - fixed mouth); a Cyberman from "Tomb of the Cybermen" (Head only); a Cyberman from "Earthshock" (Head only); a TARDIS from "Curse of Peladon" (fell down mountainside); an original Sea-Devil head; two pieces of the Key to Time; the book from "Shada" (The Worshipful And Ancient Law Of Gallifrey); an original Ice Warrior claw (from "The Ice Warriors"); a Servo Robot (from "The Wheel in Space"); one of the fake Mona Lisa’s from "City of Death"; a black & white photographic background used for "Warriors' Gate" episode 4; a shrunken Xeraphin from "Time-Flight"; a wall panel from "Full Circle"; and Bellal's head from "Death to the Daleks" (latex has decayed). Interested parties can send enquiries to Paul Vanezis of the Doctor Who restoration team (Thanks to Paul for letting us know!)