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12/15/2002 07:40:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

March 1, 2003 will see the premier of a brand new documentary on the malevolentDaleks on Radio 4, as part of the show's upcoming 40th anniversary. The documentary will be "an affectionate tribute to the Doctor's arch enemies," and will delve into the origins of the Daleks, with interviews and contributions from first producer Verity Lambert, Ray Cusick, Roy Skelton, Cy Town, John Scott Martin, Alexei Sayle ("Remembrance of the Daleks"), Terry Molloy (the final Davros in the series), Kim Newman ("Time and Relative") and others. The documentary is produced by David Priest and airs on Radio 4 on March 1 at 10:30am. (Thanks to BBCi)