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4/06/2001 12:14:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Dalek Empire: At last, long-rumored "Dalek Empire" audio plans from Big Finish appear to be true. Four new Dalek Empire audio plays are set to be released next year. Although linking into this year's three Dalek adventures these new plays "will be completely Doctorless and promise to evoke some of the spirit of the fondly remembered Dalek annuals and strips of the Sixties and Seventies." Nicholas Briggs will be directing and writing all four plays "so expect them all to be closely linked with many of the same characters appearing in each story." The new Dalek Empire plays will be released in June, July, October and November 2001.

Kaldor City: A new audio adventure series spun off from both "Blake's 7" and the world of the DW story "Robots of Death" (and its novel sequel, "Corpse Marker"). Currently in production, Chris Boucher (author of "The Robots of Death" and two BBC novels with the Fourth Doctor and Leela) and Alistair Lock (sound engineer for Big Finish) are involved with the project, which is being put together by Alan Stevens (who was responsible for The Mark of Kane, The Logic of Empire and Travis: The Final Act). The first story, called Occam's Razor has been written by Alan Stevens and Jim Smith. The second story is entitled Death's Head and is writen by Chris Boucher. Stars Paul Darrow (Kaston Iago), Scott Fredericks (Carnell; the actor reprises this role from "Blake's 7"), Russell Hunter (Captain Uvanov, reprisal of role from "Robots of Death"), Trevor Cooper (Rull), Brian Croucher (Cotton), Peter Miles (Landerchild), Peter Tuddenham (Strecker) and Patricia Merrick (Justina). Release is expected in early 2001. For more info visit www.hermit.org/Blakes7/news/Kaldor.html. (Thanks to Chris Sutor and DavrosDW)

Layton's Mission: A new audio production starring Anneke Wills (Polly), Michael Wade and Bryonie Pritchard, "Layton's Mission" is a science fiction story with intrigue and suspense. For more information, visit www.whap.fsbusiness.co.uk.

Travelwise: Now available on video in the UK (PAL format only), "Travelwise" features five Doctor Who celebrities among many other well-known faces. This four-part educational drama is "aimed at secondary schools and provoking many debates, and deals with the many issues around our methods of travelling." Colin Baker (as Jonathan Pike), Nicholas Courtney (as Alistair Singleton), Nicola Bryant (Laura), Sarah Sutton (Sharon Singleton) and Peter Miles (Mr. Reise) star. (It is especially noteworthy in that this is the first time Nick Courtney and Nicola Bryant have worked together on camera.) This soap-style video with a streak of comedy, is exclusively available from MJTV, producers of the "Soldiers of Love" series. For more information, visit www.ghostlands.demon.co.uk.