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4/06/2001 12:04:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Regeneration: The long-delayed "Regeneration" hardcover book by Philip Segal and Gary Russell is now in release from HarperCollins Press. A soft-cover version is being planned for release in July; we have been told that the authors are attempting to correct small bits of incorrect information in the earlier release. Non-UK international release is currently planned; this is a correction to earlier reports that only import shops could get the book. "Regeneration," a book about the production of the 1996 Doctor Who movie (Segal was the executive producer and driving force behind the film), was originally scheduled to be printed in 1999 by Virgin Publishing, but Virgin shelved it after the final draft of the book was turned in. (Thanks to Richard Bignell, Philip Segal and Gary Russell)

Campaign: Jim Mortimore's now-canceled Doctor Who novel is available as a fan-published, bound volume direct from the author. The book, which was canceled by BBC Books due to contractual reasons, is available priced UK 5.99 (paperback) or UK 12.99 (hardback) plus UK 3.00 postage from Jim Mortimore, 27 Colston Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6AA. "Add 5.00 P&P for overseas," says Mortimore, "and if it's any different I'll sort 'em out on an individual basis when I go to the post office." Says online rep John Parkinson: "If people aren't sure I'd suggest getting an NA and weighing it, then add a bit extra weight for packaging and use some method (I think the RoyalMail website has details) to work out how much it should cost to ship to the country of your choice." A thumbnail of the cover art is available on the Forthcoming Releases page. Further information on ordering this volume can be obtained directly from Jim Mortimore at jimmortimore@jimbo98.freeserve.co.uk (email address given with permission of Mr. Mortimore). Additionally, Ambrosia Books in California has this book in stock, signed by the author.

The Doctor Who Scripts: BBC Books will be publishing the first of what is hoped to be an ongoing series, "Season 12: The Scripts"; Justin Richards is contributing editor, Barnaby Harsent is co-editor and Andrew Pixley is the book consultant. According to Richards, the book will be "heavily illustrated in both black and white and colour. There will be complete camera scripts (not the camera instructions though) for each of the season 12 stories, plus 'front matter' consisting of a review, background production notes, transmission, cast & crew details, etc. Each script will be heavily annotated to show deletions, additions and specific production details". The book was to be published in November 2000, but has been delayed due to clearance delays and other, more recent, publishing delays. According to Justin Richards, the book is to be released in the Autumn of 2001, not in April as the BBC Worldwide press release says. (It also says the background info is all coming from In-Vision, and that isn't true either, though IN-VISION will be one of the major sources.)

I, Who 2 On Horizon: After the success of the first volume, author Lars Pearson has announced "I, Who 2," the sequel to the original "I, Who: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels". The reference work is expected sometime in 2001 and will include books published after the ones in the first volume, as well as additional adventures (such as "The Masters of Luxor," the unfilmed Hartnell story), the realm of DW comic adventures, and even covering some of the charity fiction anthologies of late.

The Doctor's Effects: Author Steve Cambden's follow-up book to "The Doctor's Affect" is now complete and at the printers, and will be available in mid-2001. Says correspondent Richard Bignell: "Steve had hoped to make this a large format book, but he's had to scale this down somewhat, so it will now be the same size as his previous book, 'The Doctor's Affect' - only with more illustrations and photographs." To preorder the book, visit www.alphawaves.net/doctor/.

Doctor Who Location Filming: Author Richard Bignell is currently finishing a licensed book on Doctor Who location filming for Reynolds & Hearn, which will be available by the end of 2001; details forthcoming.

Looking for Sarah Jane Smith: Australian author David Franklin -- also a Doctor Who fan -- has penned his fourth novel, Looking for Sarah Jane Smith. It's "a brutally cynical comedy about three blokes in their late 20's, the scrapes they get into and the s**t they talk to each other. It is a long way from being politically correct." There is little Doctor Who content in the book, also the series is referred to routinely (and therefore is of interest to fans); "Sarah Jane is simply used by Marty as a symbol of the harmony, beauty and inner contentment that he is looking for."