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9/15/2000 11:23:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Missing Pieces: A brand new for-charity Doctor Who anthology collection has been announced. Edited by Mark Phippen (creator & co-editor of "Perfect Timing") and Shaun Lyon (editor of Outpost Gallifrey), the book will feature stories, artwork and poems from fans and many Doctor Who professionals. Actors Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Wendy Padbury will be participating in the collection, which is being sold for both the Downs' Syndrome Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death; Davison will contribute the foreword for the volume, while Baker and Padbury will actually pen Doctor Who short stories! Among the pro authors who have agreed to contribute (schedule permitting) are Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Trevor Baxendale, Gary Russell, Paul Cornell, David McIntee, Paul Magrs, Keith Topping, Martin Day, Peter Anghelides, Jim Mortimore, Jonathan Morris, Mike Tucker, Craig Hinton, Dave Stone, Nick Walters, Daniel Blythe, Simon Bucher-Jones, Keith R.A. DeCandido, David J. Howe, Paul Leonard, Jonathan Blum, Andy Lane, Jon de Burgh Miller, Stephen Cole, Simon Gerard (BBV), Rob Shearman (Big Finish) and John Peel. The cover for the anthology is being done by fan artist Nathan Skreslet. For more information, visithttp://www.gallifreyone.com/pieces.htm.
     We're happy, by the way, that Missing Pieces was just mentioned in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 295. Thank you to the DWM staff for helping us promote this charitable venture!
The New Jade Pagoda: The Jade Pagoda, one of the foremost Doctor Who discussion lists on the 'net devoted exclusively to the Doctor Who novels (Virgin and BBC), has moved to Egroups off the old Listbot service. Now, Jade Pagoda features the ability to read on the searchable website itself and much more. To join the new Jade Pagoda list, send an email to jade_pagoda-subscribe@egroups.com.
ESIN Closes Up Shop: We're sad to report that Kevin Parker has published the final issue of "The South Croydon LISTener," the official newsletter of the Elisabeth Sladen Information Network. The ESIN will continue as a web-only group found on Egroups.
Myth Makers 10: An anthology of Who fan fiction distributed by the Doctor Who Information Network (DWIN) and edited by Matt Grady, "Myth Makers 10" features stories of the third, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth Doctors, with companions Liz, the Brigadier, Peri, Ace and Sam. Includes illustrations by Fan Q award winner Mary-Ellen Sandahl and nominee Pat Degan. Visithttp://www.csc.uvic.ca/~mgrady/drwho.html
The Cat Who Walked Through Time: Alryssa Kelly is putting together a cat-themed Who charity collection called 'The Cat Who Walked Through Time' which is shaping up nicely with stories from: Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Diane Duane, Paul Cornell, Simon Bucher-Jones, Stephen Cole, Peter Anghelides and a foreword by Mary Tamm! (Romana Mk II). For more information visithttp://www.crosswinds.net/~alryssa/fundraising.html#fanzine
Nine Lives: Another cat-themed fanzine, this time non-Who related, is being edited by Helen Fayle (former editor of Perfect Timing). Features stories by (so far) SF author Charles de Lint, Ian Watson and (commitments permitting) hopefully Dr. Who authors Stephen Marley and David A. McIntee, and diverse others. Visit http://www.innotts.co.uk/~raven/ninelives.htm
Walking Through Eternity: Author Jay Eales (co-editor of Perfect Timing 2) is putting together a new anthology. Says Eales: "It's a collection of Doctor Who stories with a difference. Fans of deeply traditional (and oh, so familiar) corridor runarounds are probably going to be disappointed with the mix of stories here. It will focus very much on the experimental side, taking the motto "Originality over continuity." One of the new authors is Steve Gallagher, in his first Doctor Who piece since his script "Warriors' Gate" from Season 18 of the series. More information soon.
Timelink: Now available from TSV Books (part of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club) is a revised edition of "Timelink - An Exploration Of Doctor Who Continuity" by Jon Preddle. This unauthorised volume is 322 pages, A4-sized, and "covers various aspects of Doctor Who continuity, such as the controversial UNIT dates, Dalek and Cyberman history, the Doctor's age, and Gallifreyan history. The book uses as its study material only the broadcast television adventures from 1963 to 1989, plus K9 and Company and the 1996 TV movie." The new edition contains some updated material. For more info go to www.geocities.com/jpreddle/timelink.html or email jpreddle@ihug.co.nz.
Tales from the Solar System: Another fan-published charity volume for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death, this book features stories by Paul Leonard, Martin Day, Lance Parkin, Jon De Burgh Miller and Paul Magrs. According to editor Paul Griggs, the book has indeed started shipping, but because of the printers being used, they are only being shipped 50 at a time; hence, earlier orders will get earlier priority. More information is available at their website at http://welcome.to/tales.
Fan Produced Documentaries:
  • The Making of Fury From the Deep" by Richard Bignell is currently available with the reconstruction of this classic story. The documentary contains all available color footage from the story (shot on small camera) as well as commentary by cast and crew Hugh David, Michael E. Briant, Margot Hayhoe, John Abineri and Roy Spencer, along with Peter Day (who worked on Visual Effects) and excerpts from "The Slide," author Victor Pemberton's 1966 radio play which was originally submitted to the DW production office in 1964 and which was eventually reworked into "Fury". The final duration of the documentary is 51 minutes and is circulated on telesnap reconstruction tapes with the story.
  • Already in production is "The Making of Marco Polo" also by Bignell, which will be on tapes of a new version of the reconstruction and will include more 'moving footage' than the "Fury" documentary. In addition, the documentary will feature interviews with series regular Carole Ann Ford and guest stars Mark Eden (Marco Polo) and Zienia Merton (Ping-Cho). There is no set release date for this production. (Thanks to Richard Bignell and Robert Franks)
  • The Loose Cannon Reconstructions team has re-united actors Edward DeSouza, Barry Jackson and Jeremy Young after 35 years to reminisce about the making of "Mission to the Unknown," the one-off story that acted as a prologue to the 12-part "The Daleks' Master Plan". The interview will be included on Loose Cannon's upcoming 'Mission To The Unknown' reconstruction. The reconstruction of Mission includes many previously unpublished photos including the rocket ship interior (some of which you can see in the photos provided by Derek Handley to the Outpost's First Doctor Guide, used for the reconstruction. (Thanks to Rick Brindell)