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Tuesday, 9 December 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Radio Times (13-19 Dec 2014) (Credit: Radio Times)Doctor Who on Christmas Day is now a firm tradition on British television, and the Radio Times has been there each year to celebrate with the Doctor; 2014 will be no exception as the 13th-19th December issue's front cover features the tenth festive adventure for the Doctor, Last Christmas.

This issue features an interview with guest star Nick Frost, during which he discusses the iconic character he brings to life in the episode:
My Santa is cross, mean and curt as well as cheery and funny. He's got a little bit of Robert De Niro in Mean Streets. And he has history with the Doctor: it's not talked about explicitly but they have a beef with each other from way back.
He also is very supportive of the show's writer:
Steven Moffat is a very clever man - taking Doctor Who somewhere completely different isn't easy. And he was happy to allow me to improvise on set and push things out a bit.
Moffat himself comments on the Doctor's latest encounter and his performer:
It does look like the most insane moment when Santa turns up, but we haven't gone off our rockers. No, Santa is written in properly, in a science-fiction way, into Doctor Who. I've always had a very clear impression of Santa, but when we got Nick Frost, well, first of all how perfect is his name! Nicholas Frost. It's the nom de plume that Santa Claus would use, isn't it? Nick is ideal. He's what Santa should be in Doctor Who land.

Radio Times (20 Dec 2014 - 2 Jan 2015) (Credit: Radio Times/Judith Kerr)Meanwhile, the magazines 'legendary' double issue features an interview with the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, who reflects on his first series and the attention it has brought:
What’s now shocking is I can’t say anything publicly without it having a life. Not because I have extraordinary views but because people are keen on conflict, so they’ll make that the story. They love to make out that Steven Moffat and I have disagreements. But that’s business as usual. It made me realise how awful it must be to be a politician. I’m a lot more sympathetic to Malcolm Tucker’s views now.
He also comments on the whirlwind World Tour that preceeded the series' broadcast:
That was extraordinary. People tell you the show’s successful abroad but until you actually see it, you don’t realise. You’re effectively joining a boy band or the Beatles. You arrive at the airport and there are packs of people screaming and holding up pictures of you. We’d do press events all day and then in the evening a public screening and Q&A, and people went bananas. In South Korea the venue seated 1,500 people, and 50,000 people applied for tickets. I was benefitting from Chris Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith making the show so beloved – I swept in on their coat-tails and got all the adoration and BA first-class treatment.

The full interviews can be found in their respective editions of the Radio Times, with the 13th-19th December issue in the shops now and the double issue covering 20th December - 2nd January due out tomorrow.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Next week's edition of the Radio Times features Peter Capaldi as the Doctor on its front cover as the magazine looks at the two-part series finale which starts this Saturday with Dark Water at 8:15pm on BBC One.

Famous fans, TV critics, children, and personalities share their thoughts on the latest incarnation, as played by Capaldi, including Professor Brian Cox, writer Armando Iannucci, singer/songwriter Marc Almond, Keeley Hawes, and even a former Doctor in the form of Tom Baker, who said:
He’s a wonderful choice to play the Doctor. Instantly one felt: this fellow comes from far far away, he’s strange. An instant frisson. And what’s the word? Yes, got it! Alien, he’s an alien. I salute him.
There is also a "Master Quiz" enabling readers to test their Doctor Who knowledge.

In addition, the digital version of the magazine includes a 30 page Monster supplement, featuring pictures of the Doctor’s greatest foes from the Radio Times archive.

Radio Times - Digital Edition (1-7 Nov 2014) (Credit: Radio Times) Radio Times - Digital Edition (1-7 Nov 2014) (Credit: Radio Times)

The Radio Times, covering television and radio programming for 1st-7th November, is available online and in shops now.