As we approach the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, revisit the story of Doctor Who, the occasional series written for the 50th Anniversary, explaining the origins of the programme.

Episode 4 - An Unearthly Series - The Origins of a TV Legend: First published 25 Jul 2012

The Light at the End: limited collector's Vinyl editionBookmark and Share

Thursday, 22 August 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The 50th Anniversary audio adventure Light at the End from Big Finish is to be released in a limited edition Vinyl edition.

The Light at the End (cover) (Credit: Big Finish)The Light at the End
Starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann
With Louise Jameson, Sarah Sutton, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred and India Fisher
Featuring Geoffrey Beevers as The Master

November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors…

It's the day that Bob Dovie's life is ripped apart…

It's also a day that sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events which forces the first eight incarnations of the Doctor to fight for their very existence. As a mysterious, insidious chaos unfolds within the TARDIS, the barriers of time break apart…

From suburban England through war-torn alien landscapes and into a deadly, artificial dimension, all these Doctors and their companions must struggle against the power of an unfathomable, alien technology.

From the very beginning, it is clear that the Master is somehow involved. By the end, for the Doctors, there may only be darkness.

This Special Edition will feature deluxe premium packaging, and includes:
  • Discs 1, 2 and 3 – The Light at the End
  • Disc 4 – The Making of The Light at the End (approx 40-minute documentary exclusive to this release)
  • All discs on heavy 180g vinyl
  • Limited and numbered to 500
  • Four-way gatefold sleeve
  • Rigid slipcase
  • an array of professional photos of the cast.
  • includes an exclusive 30cm x 30cm lenticular image.
The Light at the End (lenticular image) (Credit: Big Finish)

Big Finish trailer, via You-Tube

The Light at the End will also be available as a limited edition five-disc CD, which features:
  • Discs 1 and 2 – The Light at the End
  • Disc 3 – The Making of The Light at the End (70 minute documentary)
  • Disc 4 – This is Doctor Who at Big Finish (70 minute documentary)
  • Disc 5 – Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles: The Revenants performed by William Russell as Ian

The Light at the End is scheduled to be released on 23rd November 2013; the standard version is currently available to pre-order via our shop.

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BFI: The Sixth Doctor PanelBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
A video of the guest panel from the BFI's screening of The Two Doctors earlier this month was released today.

Unlike previous panels, though, it has not been uploaded to the organisation's YouTube channel but instead is available to view on its videos page.

The event took place on 15th June to mark the Sixth Doctor's era, as part of the BFI's Doctor Who At 50 season.

Lasting 15 min 34 sec, it features the actors Frazer Hines and Tony Selby, script editor and writer Eric Saward, and visual effects designer Mike Kelt in conversation with season co-curator Justin Johnson.

UPDATE - SATURDAY 6th JULY: The BFI has now uploaded the video to its YouTube channel, meaning it can be watched below:

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Guests Announced For BFI's Two Doctors ScreeningBookmark and Share

Thursday, 13 June 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
Actors Frazer Hines and Tony Selby plus script editor and writer Eric Saward and visual effects designer Mike Kelt will be the special guests at the BFI screening of The Two Doctors.

The event, which takes place on Saturday 15th June to mark the Sixth Doctor's era, is the latest in the organisation's Doctor Who At 50 season and will start at 2pm.

The screenings have proved overwhelmingly popular, selling out as soon as tickets have been made available, although the BFI has introduced a ballot system to help make ticket allocation fairer.

Returns are always a possibility, though. As such, at the time of posting this news item four tickets were available via the event link. Stand-bys and other returns may also be available on the day.

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Puffin Books: Something Borrowed by Richelle MeadBookmark and Share

Thursday, 6 June 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Something Borrowed, by Richelle Mead (Credit: Puffin Books)The writer of the sixth in the Puffin Books series of e-books has been revealed as Richelle Mead, best-selling author of Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, and Age of X series.

Something Borrowed
Written by Richelle Mead
Published 23rd June 2013

A wedding on the planet Koturia turns out to be a far more dangerous proposition than the Sixth Doctor and Peri ever expected. It marks the return of a formidable old foe whose genius matches the Doctor’s. Can the Doctor outwit this villain, save Peri and stop the wedding in time?

Richelle Mead's love of fantasy and science-fiction began at an early age when her father read her Greek mythology and her brothers made her watch Flash Gordon. She went on to study folklore and religion at the University of Michigan, and, when not writing, Richelle spends her time drinking lots of coffee, keeping up with reality TV, and collecting 1980s T-shirts. Richelle lives with her family in Seattle in the USA.

Mead commented:
I've always loved watching Colin Baker as The Doctor. When he's on the screen, you can't take your off eyes off of him—and no, I’' not just talking about his infamous wardrobe! Everything him about is larger than life: his personality, his ingenuity, his biting humour. He's one of the darker of the Doctors, and yet through it all, that heroism and need to do what's right never fails. That's what makes him so fascinating to me. It's an author's dream to be able to write with a character like that.

A video of the author will be released on YouTube by BBC Worldwide later in the month, with the book itself coming out on the 23rd June. You can also read an extract from the book via the Guardian.

The author can be found online via her website or on Twitter at @richellemead.

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The Sixth Doctor Revisited On BBC AmericaBookmark and Share

Thursday, 30 May 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
Vengeance on Varos will represent the Sixth Doctor's era next month in BBC America's Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited celebratory season.

A documentary entitled Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited - The Sixth Doctor will air on Saturday 29th June at 7.30pm ET/PT, followed by an omnibus edition of the adventure, which was written by Philip Martin, directed by Ron Jones, and originally broadcast in two episodes in January 1985 as the second story in Season 22.

The documentary will see Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker, both his companion actors Nicola Bryant and Bonnie Langford, and current lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, among others, examining the Sixth Doctor's adventures and discussing his famous foes, including the universe's most slippery businessman, Sil, who made his first appearance - of two so far - in the story.
The Doctor visits the planet Varos to obtain the rare ore Zeiton-7, vital to the functioning of his TARDIS. But Varos is a dangerous place, where rebels are tortured on live television and executions are used to win votes from the public. Trapped in the dreaded Punishment Dome, the Doctor and his companion Peri must fight for their lives - and save the starving population from the machinations of the villainous reptilian Sil.

BBC America is paying tribute to the programme's 50th anniversary by showing a story per Doctor per month.

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AudioGo: June ReleasesBookmark and Share

Saturday, 25 May 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
AudioGo's next stage in the Destiny of the Doctor reaches the Sixth Doctor in June with he and companion Peri meeting Trouble in Paradise. Meanwhile, the latest audio adaptation of the Target novelisations sees the Third Doctor ahd Jo arriving on The Planet of the Daleks. Plus, two audio adaptations of recent BBC Books releases include the Eleventh Doctor once again encountering his greatest alien foe in The Dalek Generation, and the Third Doctor facing off against fellow Time Lord The Master in Harvest of Time.

Destiny of the Doctor: Trouble in Paradise (Credit: AudioGo)Destiny of the Doctor: Trouble in Paradise
Starring Nicola Bryant, with Cameron Stewart (pre-order)

Responding to a desperate summons from the Doctor's future self, he and Peri find themselves on a sailing ship in 1492, where the crewmen are gripped by superstitious fear. They say the Devil walks among them, stalking and striking them down. Even though they have landed in paradise, they fear that 'El Diablo' himself will drag them over the edge of the world and into the depths of hell. When the Doctor and Peri meet the captain of the ship, they both discover that heroes can sometimes behave un-heroically. Peri's reaction leads her into deep water, and soon the Doctor fears not only for her life but also for the existence of the ship, the paradise island, and the Universe itself...

Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who, a brand new adventure for the Sixth Doctor. Nicola Bryant - Peri in the BBC TV Doctor Who series - and Cameron Stewart perform this original story by Nev Fountain, with music and sound design.
Doctor Who and The Planet of The Daleks (Credit: AudioGo)Doctor Who and The Planet of The Daleks
Written by Terrance Dicks
Read by Mark Gatiss, with Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks (pre-order)

An exciting novelisation of a classic 1973 Doctor Who serial, featuring the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and his companion Jo Grant.

After pursuing the Daleks through Space, the Doctor and Jo land on the planet Spiridon, in the midst of a tropical jungle…and finds more than Daleks. Vicious plants spitting deadly poison, invisible Spiridons attacking from all sides and, in hiding, a vast army of Daleks waits for the moment to mobilise and conquer.
The Dalek Generation (Credit: AudioGo)The Dalek Generation
Written and read by Nicholas Briggs (pre-order)

"The Sunlight Worlds Offer You A Life of Comfort and Plenty. Apply now at the Dalek Foundation."

Sunlight 349 is one of countless Dalek Foundation worlds, planets created to house billions suffering from economic hardship. The Doctor arrives at Sunlight 349, suspicious of any world where the Daleks are apparently a force for good - and determined to find out the truth. The Doctor knows they have a far more sinister plan - but how can he convince those who have lived under the benevolence of the Daleks for a generation? But convince them he must, and soon. For on another Foundation planet, archaeologists have unearthed the most dangerous technology in the universe...

A thrilling, all-new adventure featuring the Doctor as played by Matt Smith in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television.
Harvest Of Time (Credit: AudioGo)Harvest of Time
Written by Alistair Reynolds
Read by Geoffrey Beevers (pre-order)

An unabridged reading of a brand new novel from BBC Books.

After billions of years of imprisonment, the vicious Sild have broken out of confinement. From a ruined world at the end of time, they make preparations to conquer the past, with the ultimate goal of rewriting history. But to achieve their aims they will need to enslave an intellect greater than their own...

On Earth, UNIT is called in to investigate a mysterious incident on a North Sea drilling platform. The Doctor believes something is afoot, and no sooner has the investigation begun when something even stranger takes hold: The Brigadier is starting to forget about UNIT's highest-profile prisoner. And he is not alone in his amnesia.

As the Sild invasion begins, the Doctor faces a terrible dilemma. To save the universe, he must save his arch-nemesis... The Master.

A brand new adventure featuring the 3rd Doctor, as played by Jon Pertwee in the original BBC TV series, and his adversary the Master, as played by Roger Delgado.

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Details announced of Splendid Chaps: "Six/Clothes"Bookmark and Share

Saturday, 25 May 2013 - Reported by Adam Kirk
.As previously reportedSplendid Chaps is a year-long performance/podcast project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who hosted by comedian Ben McKenzie (Dungeon CrawlMelbourne Museum Comedy Tour) and writer John Richards (ABC1 sitcom OutlandBoxcutters podcast)

Described by its creators as part intellectual panel discussion, part nerdy Tonight Show, Splendid Chaps is a combination of analysis, enthusiasm and irreverence. The first episode went to number 1 on the iTunes TV & Film Podcast chart in Australia, and to number 4 in the UK.  The podcasts to the first few episodes are now available at or at  iTunes.

Tickets are now on sale for their 6th Doctor show! Their sixth outing discusses the sometimes controversial Sixth Doctor, played by actor Colin Baker. Better known for playing villains and bullies – including Time Lord Commander Maxil in the Peter Davison story Arc of Infinity - Baker dug into the character’s past, bringing back some of William Hartnell’s arrogance and pomposity in order to offer a different take to his good-natured predecessor. It was a turbulent time to become the Doctor, though, as the show was suspended for 18 months, put on trial by the powers that be, and finally forced to make drastic changes – including firing the lead actor.

Most people, of course, remember Six for that outfit, and so this episode the Splendid Chaps discuss Clothes. Few programs have as broad-ranging a costume design remit, with new worlds, eras and civilisations needing to be created every week. Not to mention that an eccentric Time Lord and his companions need to find clothes that are practical in any situation, from soulless steel corridors to rocky alien landscapes, polar caps and the inside of volcanoes. Oh, and they need to be fashionable in any era… It’s a big ask, and as The Discontinuity Guide reminded us, there were fashion victims as well as triumphs.

Hosts Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott are joined by writer and podcaster Tansy Rayner Roberts (Galactic Suburbia, Verity), and another guest to be announced soon. There will also be a special musical performance, prizes, surprises – and a fashion show! Yes, and Splendid Chaps want to see your best cosplay and Doctor Who related sartorial creations – and there will be prizes on offer.

Space: Agent 284, 284 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne
Time: Saturday 15 June; recording starts 4 PM
Accessibility: Regretfully this venue is not wheelchair accessible.
Tickets: $15 (plus booking fee where applicable)
Bookings: via or at the door (subject to availability)
Podcast: not yet available; released 23 June 2013.

With thanks to John Richards

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BFI Screenings: Fifth Doctor Guests And Sixth Doctor Title AnnouncedBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
Actors Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, and Janet Fielding will join director Graeme Harper and Radiophonic Workshop composer Roger Limb as the special guests at the BFI Southbank big-screen showing of The Caves of Androzani next month.

The four-part story is being shown on Saturday 4th May to mark the Fifth Doctor's era, as part of the BFI's Doctor Who At 50 season.

The adventure saw the Doctor regenerate into his sixth incarnation, played by Colin Baker, and today the BFI revealed that the story picked to mark the Sixth Doctor's era will be The Two Doctors, to be shown on Saturday 15th June at 2pm.

The three-part adventure, written by Robert Holmes, co-starred Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor and was first broadcast in 1985, pitting both Doctors against the Sontarans. It also saw the return of Frazer Hines as Second Doctor companion Jamie. Location filming was carried out in Spain.

BFI Champions and members are entitled to priority booking for the event, whose guests will be announced nearer the time, but because of the overwhelming popularity of the Doctor Who At 50 season a ballot system will be in operation once again for tickets. Two ballots are being run - one each for Champions and members - via e-mail to Champions can enter from Monday 6th May, while members can enter from Tuesday 7th May. Champions can enter both ballots.

The ballots will close on Friday 10th May and will be run over the weekend of 11th and 12th May, with all entrants being notified on Monday 13th May as to their success or failure. Any tickets that have been reserved for Champions and members through the ballot will be held until 8.30pm on Friday 17th May, and those left unclaimed will be released for public sale on Saturday 18th May.

However, on Wednesday 15th May the official Doctor Who Facebook page will have a small number of tickets set aside for purchase by members of the public, whereby people will have to correctly answer a question to be in with a chance of booking.

Although all the celebratory screenings have been immediate sell-outs, returns and stand-bys are a strong possibility, so if all else fails do keep checking with the BFI!

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Big Finish: March UpdateBookmark and Share

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Big Finish have released details on the latest adventures for the Doctor and his companions in March ...

The Seeds of War (Credit: Big Finish)The Seeds of War (available to pre-order)

Doctor Who: The Seeds of War is the last in the current main range trilogy of tales starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (seen on TV from 1984-1986) alongside Bonnie Langford as Mel (companion on TV from 1986-1987). It finds the pair encountering a beleagured human race, recovering for a long and hard-fought war - but has the threat gone or is it merely biding its time?

Producer David Richardson says:
This is something of a pivotal release, as it introduces The Eminence and the Infinite Warriors. You’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future – and in the past! In fact we’ve already recorded the prequel to The Seeds of War, a Fourth Doctor Adventure entitled Destroy the Infinite.
The Seeds of War is written by Matt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs, directed by Barnaby Edwards and features amongst its guest cast Ray Fearon (Julius Caesar), Ony Uhiara (Much Ado About Nothing) and Stuart Organ (Dragonfire, but perhaps best known as Grange Hill's Mr Robson!).

Humanity is emerging from a long, exhausting war. Against an enemy so powerful, so implacable, it seemed unstoppable – right up until the moment it stopped.

Now, despite its ‘victory’, the human race is on its knees. The Doctor and Mel join its struggle for survival to try to ensure it has a future.

A race against time takes them from the Great Tower of Kalsos to the Reliquaries of Earth. In an epic journey across the ten systems, their fates are intertwined with one family. The Tevelers are to feel the effects of war more than most…

The Doctor has a plan. Mel is sure he can save the day. But something is lurking. Watching. Waiting. A presence the Doctor knows of old. But just how far does its influence pervade?

The Eminence awaits...
The Companion Chronicles: The Scorchies (Credit: Big Finish)The Scorchies (available to pre-order)

March’s Companion Chronicle sees the return of Katy Manning to the range, although it’s a very different style of Doctor Who story...

In The Scorchies Jo Grant, with the Doctor and the Brigadier, discovers an invasion by aliens who look like puppets - and really love a good showtune. Katy takes on a vast array of voices alongside the massively talented Melvyn Hayes (It Ain't Half Hot Mum) to create a Companion Chronicle unlike anything you've heard before!

David Richardson says:
I’m always looking to do something different, and you don’t get much different than we have here – a musical Doctor Who story with evil puppets.

The Doctor, his companion Jo Grant and the Brigadier face their strangest case yet – a Saturday night TV show that has been invaded by aliens that look like puppets!

The Scorchies want to take over the world. They want to kill the Doctor. And they want to perform some outstanding showtunes. Though not necessarily in that order…

With Jo caught inside The Scorchies Show, can she save the day before the planet Earth falls victim to the dark side of light entertainment?
Fourth Doctor Adventures: War Against The Laan (Credit: Big Finish) Fourth Doctor Adventures: The Justice of Jalxar (Credit: Big Finish)
March also sees the release of two Fourth Doctor Adventures starring Tom Baker, alongside Mary Tamm as Romana.

War Against the Laan finds Earth under threat once more, as the actions of the sinister Cuthbert have brought the planet to the brink of war with the Laan race, and the Doctor and Romana are caught between the two sides trying to avert disaster. Will new President Sheridan Moorkurk be able to make a painfully difficult decision?

Then, in The Justice of Jalxar, Victorian London is under threat from a sinister - apparently supernatural - force known only as the Pugilist. Thankfully, the foremost investigators of the land are on hand to solve the case: Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot! The trouble is, they're going to need some help. Luckily, their old friend the Doctor and his new assistant Romana are passing by...

David Richardson explains the decision to have two releases this month:
Some people have asked why we’re running a double bill this month. We simply chose to bring Justice of Jalxar forward by one month, as it allows people who are attending Big Finish Day on March 23 to get their copies signed by Tom Baker, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter.

War Against The Laan (available to pre-order)

"Just a taste of Armageddon, Romana. It’s what happens when acquisitive minds are left unencumbered by conscience."

The Doctor, Romana and newly elected President Sheridan Moorkurk take on the all-consuming powers of business tycoon Cuthbert and his vast Conglomerate. But the situation goes beyond a struggle for political power. Cuthbert is intent on revenge on creatures he feels have attacked his interests. But when his revenge looks like leading to inter-species war, the Doctor knows the stakes couldn't be higher.

The Laan are on the move. Is it too late to prevent the destruction of all life on Earth?

The Justice of the Jalxar (available to pre-order)

They call him The Pugilist.

It is the dawn of a new century and a vigilante is on the loose. The scourge of the criminal underclass. The saviour of the virtuous and the protector of the weak. The police are baffled, the public enamoured… but Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago are on the case. Or at least they will be when they've finished their beer.

What is the source of The Pugilist's spectacular supernatural powers? Is he alone in his noble quest? And what is his connection to the spate of corpses discovered around London?

As they descend further into a nefarious netherworld, the infernal investigators may be out of their depth. They're going to need help if they're to get out of this alive. The help of an old friend and his new assistant. The help… of the Doctor and Romana.
Credit: Big FinishJago & Litefoot Series Five Boxed Set (available to pre-order)

Jago and Litefoot: Series 5 is also available, in a lavish five-disc box set. Picking up where their recent Voyages to Venus and The New World left them, in series five Jago & Litefoot find themselves having to get used to a whole new era - but old friends and oddly familiar faces are still there to support them as they get a new lease of life in the 1960s!

Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter are once more reunited as the characters they first played back in seminal 1977 Doctor Who story The Talons of Weng-Chiang, ably assisted by regulars Lisa Bowerman and Duncan Wisbey, and guest star Raquel Cassidy!

David Richardson said:
We’ve been thrilled by the groundswell of positive reaction to series five, and I must say it was a labour of love for us all. Of course, Jago and Litefoot are back to foggy Victorian London for series six, seven and eight – but in the meantime, enjoy this fabulous foray into the Swinging Sixties!”

After travelling through time and space with the Doctor, Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Litefoot are back in London starting brand new lives. Jago has become a huge celebrity and Litefoot the quiet owner of a bookshop, but in all other respects it is business as usual.

As they investigate a wealth of new cases – including a restaurant where the food eats the people, and a book with dangerous powers – a long game is playing out. A figure from their past is back, and this time he means to destroy them...

In addition, Tom Baker reprises the role of Long John Silver (which he previously played on stage) in a full cast audio adaptation of Treasure Island. Written and directed by Barnaby Edwards, the production also stars Nicholas Farrell (Torchwood), Edward Holtom, Tony Haygarth, Tony Millan, Gareth Armstrong (Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora) and a trio of Big Finish stalwarts: Nicholas Pegg, Nicholas Briggs and Barnaby Edwards! The three disc set also includes a behind the scenes documentary with an interview with Tom and the cast.

Treasure Island (Credit: Big Finish)Treasure Island (available to pre-order)

Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!

When young Jim Hawkins unexpectedly inherits a treasure map, he little knows what adventures await him. Pursued by pirates, betrayed by friends and beset by skulduggery, Jim must brave high seas and low cunning before he reaches the shores of Treasure Island.

His fellow treasure-hunters include the inflexible Captain Smollett, the indefatigable Doctor Livesey and the irrepressible Squire Trelawney. And then there's the ship's cook: a seafaring man with one leg who goes by the name of Long John Silver...

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure is brought thrillingly to life in this brand new full-cast audiobook adaptation.

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Big Finish: February releasesBookmark and Share

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Big Finish have released details on the latest adventures for the Doctor and his companions in February:

Spaceport Fear (available to pre-order)

Doctor Who: Spaceport Fear is the latest story to star Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (seen on TV from 1984-1986) alongside Bonnie Langford as Mel, who partnered him on screen in 1986. As the title would suggest, they find themselves on an apparently deserted spaceport... but there are strange and terrifying things lurking in the dark corners. Will they ever manage to facilitate a departure? Written by William Gallagher and directed by Barnaby Edwards, the story also features Ronald Pickup.


Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where the tribes of Business and Economy have been at war for all of four hundred years...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where a terrible creature called the Wailer prowls the corridors around the Control Tower, looking to eat the unwary...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where there is one Arrival: a battered blue Police Box containing the time-travelling Doctor and his companion, Mel...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where there are no Departures. Ever.
The Sands of Life (available to pre-order)

Meanwhile, over on The Fourth Doctor Adventures, the Doctor, Romana and K9 find themselves caught between a mass of aliens heading for Earth and the powerful head of the Conglomerate, Cuthbert, in The Sands of Life. Tom Baker (the Doctor on TV form 1974-1981) is once more teamed with Mary Tamm as Romana, and John Leeson joins them in the TARDIS as well this month as K9 for the first three (count 'em!) parts of a five-part story which continues next month with War Against the Laan.

Producer David Richardson says:
It felt very special to have Tom, Mary and John back together in this story, and it sets up a chain of events that will be felt all the way through until the end of the season.
The story is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, and the cast includes David Warner, Toby Hadoke and Hayley Atwell.


Sheridan Moorkurk has just been elected president of Earth... but the harsh realities of who really runs the planet are just beginning to dawn on her. And what's more, she's starting to hear voices.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Romana encounter a mass of aliens heading to Earth... Aliens who have already made the mistake of upsetting the infamous Cuthbert, all-powerful CEO of The Conglomerate, by destroying one of his space platforms.

Will the Doctor and Romana be able to avert inter-species war that will destroy all life on Earth?
House of Cards (available to pre-order)

The latest Companion Chronicles story is also available. House of Cards finds the Doctor, Polly, Jamie and Ben in a space casino surrounded by monsters include the sinister Sidewinder Syndicate - can they escape with their lives?

Written by Steve Lyons, it stars Frazer Hines as Jamie alongside Anneke Wills as Polly, back together reprising their Sixties roles, with Frazer also once more providing his amazing impersonation of Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor.

David Richardson says:
People had loved The Selachian Gambit, which was also written by Steve Lyons, and starred Anneke and Frazer. I jumped at the chance to get them back together, along with director Lisa Bowerman, to recreate that magic period from the Second Doctor’s era.


The TARDIS has landed in a futuristic space casino, where the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie find fun, games… and monsters everywhere. There are vicious robot dogs, snake-headed gangsters from the Sidewinder Syndicate and a mysterious masked woman called Hope.

In this place, time travellers are to be tracked down and arrested. Yet, as events spiral out of control, time may be Polly's only ally...
Gallifrey V (available to pre-order)

Gallifrey V is the first of two box sets for 2013, with the saga drawing to an epic close in Gallifrey VI in October.
When we last heard from them, Romana and Leela were trapped on an alternate version of Gallifrey planning to build a new life. But things aren't going to plan.

Crammed with twists, turns, plots, machinations and double-dealing, the fifth series of Gallifrey takes Romana, Leela and Narvin through a host of trials and tribulations and prepares the way for the epic conclusion to the series in Gallifrey VI.

Plus, if you want to catch up, the first three series are on sale from the Big Finish website.


With Romana and Narvin ruling New Gallifrey from the heart of the capitol, their former friend Leela now lives as an Outsider, existing in the wastelands of Gallifrey with the former slaves she fought hard to free. With no hope of returning home, to their one true Gallifrey, these three exiles try to find a way to survive and build a better Gallifrey than the barbaric, lawless one they have found themselves in.

However, politicians, scientists and industrialists alike enjoyed luxury, power and wealth before Romana and Narvin came along and they will take any action they deem necessary to regain what they have lost. And if Leela’s Outsiders are swept away as a consequence, so much the better.

And in the shadows, watching and waiting, is an ancient evil that no one can stop...
The Big Finish Companion - Volume 2

Also just published is The Big Finish Companion - Volume 2, a massive guide to a wealth of Big Finish ranges from the pen of Kenny Smith, writer of unofficial Big Finish fanzine The Finished Product. Covering Doctor Who, Stargate, Iris Wildthyme and more, including an in-depth look at the plans for the series of The Tomorrow People which were never made, it's an indispensable guide and a fascinating insight into Big Finish's productions.

In addition to the Doctor Who releases, Vienna is a new series starring Chase Masterson as Vienna Salvatori, a cosmic assassin. The first story, The Memory Box, is out now and finds Vienna being investigated for the murder of an intergalactic businessman – but did she do it?

David Richardson says:
It’s a twisty-turny tale by Jonathan Morris, and it boasts a brilliant starring turn by Chase. While Vienna isn’t anything to do with Doctor Who, the character was originally introduced in the Seventh Doctor story The Shadow Heart last year – and it was during the recording we realized what a treasure we had with Chase!

Finally, two Blake’s 7 titles are out this month – the full cast story Warship, which reunites all of the Season 2 line-up, plus The Liberator Chronicles: The Armageddon Storm, which stars Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell plus Tom Chadbon as Del Grant.

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